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Do we need a Water Czar? ...Kasi tubig ay marumi at nakaka-asar!
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In the Philippines, water is everywhere...but is it safe to drink? From the faucet? Of course not!

I received feedbacks from my previous column. You see, I didn't know that many Pinoys abroad are reading my column. Akala ko kasi hanggang Catanduanes lang ang Catanduanes Tribune. Widely read na pala ang column natin. Global na. Ay! Ang sarap ng feeling!

Galing-galing talaga ni Fernan Gianan and the Catanduanes Tribune. Kudos to Fernan and CT!

One reader commented that scuba diving outfits will not last in the Philippine floods. Sobrang dumi daw ng tubig that's why the scuba diving gears will only melt. Even a politician's latest model of the Submariner ay hindi raw tatagal under Philippine flood water. Isang biyahe lang, the metal will melt. Even the politician na sasakay ng Submariner ay magkaka-leptospirosis pa. Ganoon ba?

And speaking of leptospirosis, many people are now dying of this disease in Pinas. Sosmarjosep!

Leptospirosis and dirty flood water go together.. only in Pinas. Considering dirty water running from Philippine faucets, it is not suprising to note that Philippine flood water is dirty itself.

And no wonder people die just touching the flood water. There's bacteria brought by urine of rats and other animals, as well as human feces that seep into the pipes coming from leaking drainage systems. Kasi these infrastructures done by DPWH are nothing but substandard, overpriced and a joke to humanity. Hayun, that is the result of corruption. People now are suffering and dying out of the criminal acts of corrupt DPWH, politicians and their pet contractors.

So how do you solve a problem if the water from the faucet, from the shower, from the flood are all contaminated with wastes, sewage and bacteria?

I remember this one meeting I had with a number of close friends abroad. In my desire to get more tourists to visit Catanduanes, I informed them that Catanduanes is worth visiting nowadays. And lo behold! A number of them told me to "shut the f--k up because Virac water is polluted."

Pretending my ignorance, I then told them not to believe those intrigues peddled by people who never visited Catanduanes. And all of a sudden I got everyone verbally ganging up on me as if I caused them a diarrhea, telling me that no less than their close relatives, foreign-born spouses and associates had blamed them for "enticing" them to visit Virac only to get sick from the contaminated water flowing from the shower and the faucet.

One recent visitor told me that he had a traumatic experience with the "Virac water there...and it's full of s--t!"

"Oh, really?", I asked. "But people in Catanduanes are happy," I said. I then got a sharp, long stare as if he wanted to put his hands around my neck for a gridlock.

Another associate even went to the extent of enumerating the different brands of cologne he consumed while in Virac.

"I smelled like s--t after every shower," he told me, "that I have to use more cologne after a shower!"

I went home thinking that perhaps these people are right after all, in their assessment not to visit Catanduanes again unless something is done about the Virac water.

Do we need a Water Czar? Kasi tubig daw ay marumi -- at nakaka-asar.

Hmm, maybe. Or maybe not. But the sad thing is that tourists are shying away from visiting a place unless they are assured of the simplest and most basic amenities in the place. And one important amenity is clean water, not just drinking water --but clean water for everyday use.

It really doesn't make sense if we invite tourists to our place and yet we could not provide them the basic amenities such as clean water for drinking and bathing. Amen?

Meantime, I will be sending bottles of Versace, Bulgari, Drakkar, and Gio Armani cologne to some of my gentlemen friends and associates in Virac. And to the ladies...pwede na ba iyong Obsession?

Teka, teka...sino bang Water Czar ngayon at mapadalhan ko naman ... champorado.

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