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Welcome to the Catanduanes Schools Mushroom Club
posted 3-Feb-2010  ·  
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There's another school that has joined the school mushrooms in Catanduanes. And reports say it is owned by an appointed government official.

A government official????

Mama mia! Are government officials not supposed to use their position to get into private business? Well, let's see if they can explain how in heaven's name they got into a private business while in government. Calling the Ombudsman, please check this out.

Some people think that operating a school is a lucrative business. No it is not. Specially if it is in Catanduanes where, at the rate the government is approving schools left and right, there will come a time when you see a school in every corner of the province. When the school population rate is higher than the human population rate, isn't that ridiculous?

No wonder the Philippines is suffering from a diploma mill syndrome. There's an oversupply of graduates with not many job opportunities for these graduates. Unemployment is soaring. And the country, including Catanduanes, is not able to provide enough jobs for its graduates.

And this appointed government official, being in the government, should know better. Instead of helping people get jobs, this official is adding to the suffering of the economy by giving people false hopes, adding to the increasing number of graduates with no jobs. Yup, I heard this official is employing now-- the "rejects" of another school.

Teaching is a noble profession; operating a school is a noble undertaking. Noble because you are not supposed to be there for profit. Noble because you are supposed to be there to make sacrifices for the common good to help build the future of the next generation.

But if you use your government position and connections, or even somebody else's religious fanaticism, to make monetary profit for your own pocket and your family's sustenance, then something is very wrong. May the spirit of karma get into you soon.

It is sad to see the poor state of the education system in the Philippines. It is depressing to see the increasing unemployment trend in the country. The government seems not to care. Worst, some of its officials are even adding to insult to injury to the wound that is now sickening a generation.

How do we solve this? By adding more schools? Naaahhh, who cares anyway? Pinas ata ito.

To this government official, welcome to the Catanduanes Schools Mushroom Club. Enjoy your trip.

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