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Catanduanes needs Vitamin C
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Vitamin C is important to one's health and well-being. That's why Vitamin C is recommended by doctors for one's immune system, it being an anti-oxidant and an important nutrient for humans.

But Vitamin C is not only good for humans; it's also good for our country --and for Catanduanes.

For many years now, Catanduanes has had problems with clean water and stable electrical power. Catanduanes has always been equated with maruming tubig and brown-out.

In every election, we hear politicians pangako nang pangako sa solusyon ng tubig and kuryente. Unfortunately 'alang resulta. Pangakong napako. Next election na naman, and the same promises. Cycle continues, people continue to suffer.

Who would want to invest or tour Catanduanes if tubig ay marumi and there's always brown-out? Open your faucet and you see the brownish water (as brown as a brownie cookie) coming out of it. Switch your computer on and get power fluctuations and intermittent brown-outs.

Dirty Water + Brown-out = Bad economy = Suffering People = Poor State of the Nation

Yet we want to sell Catanduanes to tourists around the world. Of course, Catanduanes has other good attractions, such as its beaches, its sceneries, and its people. But where to when it comes to human basic needs such as clean water and stable power supply?

Will tourists return if their experience in the place is sad and they had suffer from typhoid?

So this becomes a cycle-- we spend money to entice tourists to visit Catanduanes, but when they come, they suffer the terrible fate from dirty water and power shortage. Then they tell others not to visit Catanduanes due to their sad experience. In the end, we lose more than we hope to gain. Then the next cycle starts: tourism para sa ikauunlad daw ng Catanduanes when we have not even solved the basic needs of clean water and stable power to make one's stay in Catanduanes worthwhile and fun.

It takes a deep commitment on one's part to solve Catanduanes' water and power problem. Promises we don't need. We need one who can take the bull by its horn. We need a master plan and commitment from a doer to implement that plan to the letter.

When I found out that a congressional candidate by the name of Cesar Sarmiento has a master plan to solve the water and power problem in Catanduanes, I told myself, "That's it! We need a master plan from a visionary to take the bull by its horn."

Solve muna natin ang central problem -- tubig and power muna --because these are basic to one's life and health before we look at other items that are not essential to one's well-being. Sabi daw ng iba jobs muna, but can you work well if you're even sick from typhoid or dengue or dystentery or hepatitis out of poor water and lack of power? Sabi daw ng iba livelihood muna, but can the economy flourish if people are sick due to water-borne diseases and bad sanitation from no electricity that nobody even wants to invest in livelihood programs?

The MASTER PLAN OF CESAR SARMIENTO in solving first the water and power problems of Catanduanes is the answer to these recurring woes we have in Catanduanes.

So far, no one has come up with a master plan except Kuya Cesar.

With Cesar having a master plan, we only have to put him in a pedestal where he can effectively pursue the implementation of that plan to solve once and for all the water and power problems in Catanduanes. Once the people's basic needs are addressed, the rest will come in place.

Catanduanes needs Vitamin C. Vitamin C--as in Vitamin Cesar.

Good for the country, good for Catanduanes... and good for Congress.

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