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School of Thieves
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There is a new school that has recently emerged, hiring teacher "rejects" of another school.

These teacher" rejects" were dropped from another school because they stole tools, collected money from their students, misrepresented the school, and acted unethically and fraudulently against the interests of the students.

Another teacher "reject", who owns a computer shop, has even been stealing computers, parts and tools from this school, and paying insiders to get these tools for him in exchange for money. Then he boasts to everyone that he is the "only one in Catanduanes to have such computer tools".

Can you believe that? Sila na ang nagnakaw, sila pa ang mayayabang.

There is now a close coordination being made with the NBI as this matter now is getting to be serious. Fencing is a crime; thus you cannot be stealing somebody else's property and passing them on as yours and even making profit out of stolen property. Worst, magyayabang ka pa na ikaw lang ang may gamit na ganoon, when in truth you stole that gamit from that school. Kapal ng muks talaga.

Teaching is supposed to be a noble profession. But there is something wrong if the teacher himself is the one stealing! What can a theft teach his students? How do you expect to teach nobly if theft is part of your lesson plan? What will your students gain if the tool you use in teaching your students is a stolen tool? How sad for this school to cater to thieves. And how sad would the outcome be for its students.

I remember one time when this "reject" asked me to "treat" and "give padulas" to an assessor to make sure my students pass the assessment. I was about to smack his face but I opted to take a softer answer by telling him that I would not care if all students fail as long as I don't play into the corruption game of certain assessors. No wonder some assessors galit sa akin because I did not want to play their game of corruption. Padulas daw at nang di pahirapan ang mga examinees. No way!

What good will it bring a school to brag 100% passing rate of its students if this rate was achieved out of paying corrupt assessors? It is sad indeed if we look at life as a game of "padulas and Hudas". Ang babaw naman if we resort to gain a good name for the school under the essence of corruption. In the end, it is the students that get hurt in getting them to pass when they are not supposed to pass.

The notion that "There is a shortcut to success" is pure hogwash.

Everyone is aware that the Philippines is in the list of the most corrupt countries in the world. Our Pinas has become corrupt because it has been run by corrupt politicians. And these politicians have also become corrupt because they have been taught by corrupt teachers.

If a teacher steals, where then is the hope of Motherland? Corrupt teachers produce corrupt students; and corrupt students ultimately destroy the moral fiber of society.

Certain school owners are only after profit and nothing more. With greed in their hearts, they would rather steal from another school just to make money. Never mind if the it's stolen property. It's profitability, not the nobility of teaching, that they care after all. Very sad, indeed.

Students should be forewarned about the emergence of schools of thieves. They should not jeopardize their principles and future by enrolling in a school of thieves. What kind of diploma will they be receiving? B.S. in Thievery?

With thieves already in many sectors of society, our future gets darker everyday as we see thieves also growing from schools.

Kawawa naman ang mga estudyante. Kawawa naman ang ating bayan

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