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Let's send Mr. Tubig Kuryente to Congress!
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If there's anybody who needs to be in Congress today, it is Mr. Tubig Kuryente.


Because Catanduanes is in dire need of potable water and stable power supply, that's why.

Tell me of a place with no potable water or stable power and yet is teeming with tourists and investors. Wala. Who would come to a place of unstable power and brownish water? No one. Kung mayroon man ay bulag iyon, at siguradong di na babalik pag nalasahan ang brownish water at naranasan ang blackish power.

In other words, human basic needs such as water and electricity denote progress. Without water, without electricity, Catanduanes will always remain a poor, underdeveloped province.

All these years, Catanduanes has been impoverished among provinces because it sucks with its potable water and stable power. Nobody would invest, nobody would tour in a place if its water is brownish and its power supply blackish. How can you invite tourists and investors to visit Catanduanes when you cannot even provide them a basic human need such as clean water?

Much as I want to invite friends to visit Catanduanes, I have refrained doing so at this time kasi baka ako pang masisi kung magka-typhoid o magka-dengue pa sila. It's risky to invite friends to tour or invest in Catanduanes at this time. Baka magiging biktima pa sila sa tubig o brown-out.

It is a bit puzzling why, after all these years, water and power problems have remained neglected in Catanduanes. Siguro walang madilehensiya kaya hindi priority.

That's why this May 10 election is crucial because it is about time every Catandunganon should unite and act on the water and power crises of Catanduanes. By now, we have learned a lesson: that we get what we elect. All these years, we have elected politicians whom we thought could solve the water and power crises in the province. Sad to say, mga pangako nila ay dinaan na lang sa limot na pinako.

Now that here's another election, let's then treat ourselves to that ultimate people power to make a difference: let's put someone who can really make things happen.

Let's not pass this opportunity. Let's put the real Mr. Tubig Kuryente into Congress.



Because Kuya Cesar is the only one who has a master plan for the immediate solution to Catanduanes' water and power supply problems. With a master plan, the next simple thing to do is only to implement it.

Sabi ng iba the reason we cannot solve the water and power crises in Catanduanes is because we do not have the money for such projects. Ang babaw naman pag gawing excuse ang pera. Of course, money is needed in any projects. But money can be found. The test of a leader, and the essence of a master plan is in getting the resources to solve the problem.

Money is always secondary in any projects; it is the type of people, their political heart and soul, their will, and their persistence to make things happen --that count above all. Madaling hanapin ang pera basta marunong maghanap. Eh, mayroon ngang nakakapaghanap ng perang illegal, iyon pa kayang legal.

Kaya lang naman hindi nakakapaghanap ng perang legal kasi sariling bulsa, at hindi ang taong bayan, ang sinisilbihan. Di makita iyong magagandang proyekto kasi busy sa pagdidilehensiya.

The main problem here is that some people don't want to act unless they are assured of their "take". What's in it for them, instead what's in it serving the country. This is always the reason why things that are not the priority are being made the priority. Priority project only pag may kikitaing under the table. As if di natin alam kung bakit ang Pilipinas is in the list of the most corrupt countries in the world.

Kuya Cesar has a master plan in solving the water and power problems of Catanduanes. And that is the big difference, which only shows he is serious in solving Catanduanes' perennial problem of water and power.

You know, it takes intelligence, patience, a lot of time on research and study in order to come up with a master plan. And that's what Kuya Cesar has done to produce that master plan.

We don't need talkers because there's too many of that in Congress. We don't need pretenders because they're all over in the arena.

We need doers -- those who cut the talk and walk the walk. Those who take the cudgel of making a master plan to solve once and for all the serious water and power problem in Catanduanes, and pursue the implementation of the projects to the end.


Let's send him to Congress.

He has the master plan to solve once and for all the water and power crises of Catanduanes.

He can do it. And he will do it.

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