By By Joseph Oco
Tribute to My Mother
posted 10-Sep-2010  ·  
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It's been two months now since my mother passed away. And it has been very difficult for me to somewhat accept reality that my mother is no longer around to speak with me on the phone, or to cook my favorite food whenever I visit her in Cebu, or just to hug me whenever I am around.

Not a single waking hour passes that I do not think of her. Her memory continues to reverberate in my mind, the light she shone on me forever continues to be felt in my heart.

This is my first write-up in this column since my mother passed away. I just could not think straight, could not get on further in my day-to-day activities--because I always think of her, the sacrifices she made and everything she had done for me and my family, and what had been and what should have been. I would tell myself I should have spent more time with her in her twilight years. Regrets I have now, pondering what I failed to do and should have done to further bring smile in her face and happiness in her heart while she was still around.

In the middle of the night I cry thinking how much I have missed her. And as I write this article, tears flow knowing how much she means to me. Her memory always lingers in me, that I know the legacy she left behind will forever be enshrined in the hearts of those she loved and those whose lives she touched.

My mother was just simple person, and led a simple, frugal life. She was strict but very caring and loving to her children. Being the eldest son, I was fortunate to have spent more years (than my brothers and sister) to be under her guidance and care. She had few close friends because she did not want to mingle with many people. She would rather spend her time at home to be with her children and building a real home for her children. And build she did that she did not accept any outside work but just build a home for us. She was our best home maker, the mother that we always adore.

Yes, my mother made me what I am now. She was proud of me --and she made me proud of myself and of what I have achieved in life. Being my best adviser and worst critic, she always reminded me that life is short, that money is not the most important thing in this world, that prayer can bring miracles, and that relationship with people is important to one's success. I remember the first book I received from her was one she got from her father. She passed it on to me with her inscription that I will keep on reading it and embed in my heart the values that she wanted me to always live by.

My friends say time is a healer. But I know that as long as I live I will continue to miss Mommy.

My mother, Josefa Madrigal Ocol, was my everything. I will make sure that every goodness I impart to people and every success I make in life will be in Mommy's memory.

That I promise.

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