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The difference between Moonlighting and Ghostlighting
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Thereis a difference between moonlighting and ghostlighting.


Somecorrupt school owners think that these are one and the same.  Of course not! 


Kayapala some even declare to TESDA that they have qualified instructors when intruth their instructors had never stepped on their school ground even for aminute.  Hiram lang pala angcertificate.  Hiram lang pala angpangalan ng instructor. 


Moonlightingis when one has his or her physical presence in the school area, so pwede ngangmagturo kung talaga naman present iyong instructor.  Legal naman ito.


Ghostlighting is whenone's physical presence is being duped, meaning hindi makita ni kaluluwa nginstructor and yet the school owner has the temerity to declare this instructorpart of the school faculty, despite the historical absence of his or herphysical presence on the school ground even for one minute! 


Moonlightingis legal; ghostlighting is illegaland unethical.  That is simple asthat. 


Butthe problem is that certain school owners want us to think otherwise.  Kasi may mga school owners  na obsessed talaga sa pera and that all theythink are the 3 Ps:  politics, profit andthe power to corrupt.  Never mind aboutpublic service to the constituents, basta may kinikita sa sariling bulsa at theexpense of the constituents. 


Thereis even a school owner, a loud-mouthed and ill-educated (poor breeding) person,who thinks that politics is an opportunity to make money for oneself.   Kasi namili ng boto noong eleksyon, kayahayon kailangan makabawi.  Kungmagsalita, akala mo naman may pinag-aralan.  Ipinagyayabang pa na ka-kunchaba raw niya ang director ng TESDA.  Huh? 


Nowonder, we see the deterioration of our educational system in our country, allbecause we have people who think that by being politicians they can do anythingthey want, including declaring (or misdeclaring) one's  affinity to this and that person, and thenmisuses that affinity for personal gain.


Ibelieve that the most serious problem our country now is facing is too muchpolitics.  Everyone is so obsessed withmaking money out of political mileage. Listen to the news reports.  Readthe newspapers.  What do you see?  Nothing but politics… scams then Senateinvestigations then politicians fronting for political mileage.  We even have criminals, crooks and drug lordsbeing elected to office!  And they thinkthere is no God but they.  Then theydisregard the very essential fact that life on earth is just temporary --and itis the afterlife with God that we all should look forward to.


Thus,the sad impression is that politicians think that they are there to be served,and not to serve.  During election,servants of the people daw.  Thenpagkatapos ng eleksyon, people are the servants na raw.  Kaya we see a number of them destroying thevery fiber for good governance and ethical values. 

Ifthere is a legacy that they want to leave after they die it is the legacy ofdestruction, an irreparable destruction to their children and children'schildren.  In fact, if one deeply looksat it now, the basic moral fiber of our country is just so irreparable that itwill take another new generation of people to reconstruct even its base! 


That'show pathetic the situation in our country is. 


Nowonder, many would rather leave the country and start a new life in otherplaces.  They see despair, desolation anddeprivation around the Philippines. 


Whena country has its PEOPLE as its Number One Export, it makesone think. 


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