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I have talked with him and have seen him how he manages himself and the affairs of the province.

To me, Joseph Cua is no ordinary politician; he is one who loves to be with his constituents in his desire to help them and uplift the province from its backward setting.

I am no troll; and I write from the heart.  All these years that I have been visiting Catanduanes and helping people in that province, I have had that opportunity to also meet politicians.

So you may ask me, “How do I size up Joseph Cua?”

Cua is of a different breed.  This is one reason why I am writing this article because I do not think there is anyone who can do a better job in running the affairs of the province than Joseph Cua.

I have met a number of politicians in Catanduanes; most of them are hypocrites and would only help if they get something in return.  Some of them are corrupt.

And there are those who are not just corrupt but super corrupt.  As if they think there is no God, as if they can live eternally without having to answer for their sins before God.

A few years ago, a number of students from CITFI sought my help to get this provincial official to fulfill his promise of donating even a few hundred pesos to their cause.  I pitied the students and thus took time to see the official to talk to him in their behalf. 

The first thing I noticed as I stepped into his office was the pathetic and unproductive scene.  There was a heated discussion of personal issues between him and a certain loud-mouth provincial board member.  Isang iskandalosa ang bibig na akala mo naman edukado siya dahil nagpapatakbo raw siya ng school.  In their discussion, they were trying to outdo one another on a wasteful endeavor when they should be using their time helping and serving their constituents.

I then asked myself, “Is this the way politicians – who call themselves as servants of the people—behave?”  It was a pathetic scene.  It was toxic and I did not want to be there if only I did not promise the students to try to intercede in their behalf.

So I talked with this politician and brought to his attention the request of this group of students.  Without even taking a minute to listen to their plight, he merely said that he would donate to the students for their project, that was if I would send him a letter --and which I did.   

Nope, he did not take out any amount at that instant.  If he was really sincere, he could have done so with whatever amount he could have shared to the students.  But he merely said that he would donate.  He did not even tell us when he would do so.

Weeks passed, months passed, nothing happened.  The students never received anything, not even a letter from this official.  I sent him two letters but never got a reply. Out of frustration, I donated my own money to the students. 

That’s how pathetic certain politicians in Catanduanes are.  Tutulong lang kung malapit na ang eleksyon.

 Yes, of course, when it’s his birthday, bonggang-bongga ang selebrasyon, na parang siya ang hari. 

At one time, a lawyer-friend of mine told me that he would be visiting Catanduanes to meet him.  He then asked me how he’s doing in that province.  I told him his friend’s pathetic and does not impress me as a sincere, honest and competent person to serve his constituents.  I then expressed my opinion that I believe Catanduanes will remain a stagnant, depressed and backward province as long as there are politicians like him running the affairs of the province.  In the end, this lawyer-friend cancelled his trip and his intent to support the political aspiration of this official.  He then thanked me for sharing with him my views and opinion about this guy.

Cua is not like this guy.  Cua delivers on his promises.  He keeps his promises.  He keeps his word.  No matter how small his contribution is, Cua fulfills his promise. 

That’s the difference between Cua and the others. 

To an ordinary person like me, I want to see the servants of the people truly serve the people.  Kung bongga lang sa birthday at iyon pala pera ng bayan ang ginamit sa pabonggahan ng birthday, huwag na lang. 

One reason why our country has been rated recently by the United Nations as one of the most corrupt countries in the world is because we have crooks running the affairs of the government. 

If he could not help poor students even for a few pesos, and yet would have thousands of pesos to celebrate his birthday, then I think this guy is sick in all forms of moral values and sense of competence to serve his constituents.

Every election in Catanduanes, money is a factor.  Surely, this election will not be different from the previous ones. 

Sige lang, tanggapin ang perang bigay ng mga trapo na iyan. 

But when you get to the election booth, vote for the man you know. 

Cua keeps his promises and delivers.  That’s why he’s of a different breed.

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