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A token for the first crossword solver
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The contact number I use for the Tribune – 09399090067 – was temporarily off for the past three weeks after my iPhone5 suffered another accident and won’t probably be repaired sooner as it would cost over P3,500.00, good enough for another phone. As a result I have been unable to read your messages or receive calls.

For the meantime, the SIM card has been transferred to another phone (not my own), which I open from time to time to check on messages and calls.

Please direct text messages and calls to 09276647121 (Globe) and 09397526279.


One of the SMS sent Jan. 16 by an reader concerns the high price of nipa shingles and sackolin.

He is calling on the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) provincial office to act on the sudden rise in the cost of nipa shingles being sold in Virac where over 5,000 houses were destroyed by typhoon Nina. From just P300 for a hundred pieces in Viga where it is made, middlemen who sell them in the capital town are raking it in by offering it for a thousand pesos per hundred.

The texter also scored local hardware stores who have jacked up the price of sackolin, a thin sheet of plastic that could serve as temporary roof, from the pre-typhoon price of P40 per yard to as much as P70 per yard.

The island province is supposed to be under a State of Calamity, which imposes a price freeze on basic commodities particularly those much needed by typhoon victims in rebuilding their damaged homes. The DTI provincial office headed by Director Hegino Baldano should act on this complaint. If it has already done so, the Tribune would appreciate a report on the matter so the public would be informed.


Many thanks for the birthday greetings sent my way last Jan. 21, a Saturday, which is a working day for me. My good friends Emon Abundo over in Fresno, California and Freding Alcala Jr. in Metro Manila celebrated their birthdays on the 22nd and 23rd, respectively.

Walang masyadong handa, only a little pulutan, two cases of San Miguel pale Pilsen, two bottles of Emperador Light and one of Fundador Light, plus some extra food courtesy of my one and only.

Most of the greetings were on my facebook page, which I have not been able to view entirely due to the weak Internet service. Anyway, my thanks to Emon and Freding, Xavier, the Mountain Hikers group, my CC Batch 79 high school classmates, MIT-CE `84 classmate Erwin de la Rosa, Doc Lito Urgel, Ramon Felipe Sarmiento, Vanessa Vargas, Judge Lelu Contreras, Ninang Auring Manlagnit, padding Mulo Carloto of Bagamanoc and Canada, Boyet Maullon, ICSA batchmates Fr. Boyet Gapaz, Maclo Laynes and Loida Castelar, my cousins in the States and Manila – Boboy, Boyet, Bimbim, Betsy and Bambi Panis – and Navotas City admin Jon Cruz, Doc Elmer Tatad, frequent Tribune contributor Sir Arnold Valledor, VIWAD director Arlene Arcilla, CNHS batchmate Noel Amata, Atty. Al Aquino, Tia Edi Galguerra, the former Fe Bonales-Emmeneger of Switzerland, former Tribune cartoonist Mark Vinas, Singapore-based Rebecca and Novie Balin, pading Doc Mel Amata of Las Vegas, Arch. Mario Alberto, the soon-to-be-wed Bob Surtida, Lillian Alcantara, Bong Villar, pading Roger Reyes, Atty. Louie Guerrero, Jaie Tee Ar, Ferdinand Que, Dok Boboy Reyes of St. Luke’s, Amy Moratalla, PIA’s Edna Bagadiong, Australia-based Marlon Arcilla, Capt. Ivanhoe Arcilla, Tinabas’ Louie Bagadiong, former Councilor Erwin Rojas, Joe Camacho Jr., Noynoy Publico and some whose names I may have forgotten but nevertheless deserves my gratitude.


    Starting with the Feb. 1 issue of the Tribune, the management would award a token to the first reader who can solve the crossword and then submit it to this writer.


WANTING A BABY. Two women sitting in the doctor’s waiting room began discussing babies.

    “I want a baby more than anything else in the world,” said one. “But I guess it’s impossible.”

    “I used to think that,” said the other. “But then everything changed. That’s why I’m here. I’m going to have a baby in three months.”

    “You must tell me what you did.”

    “I went to a faith healer.”

    “But I’ve tried that. My husband and I went to one for nearly a year but it didn’t help a bit.”

    The other woman smiled and whispered: “Try going alone, next time.”

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