Two injured in hackings
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An old grudge led to the hacking of a 22-year old man during a wake for the dead in barangay Rawis, Virac, last week, the police reported.

The report from Chief Inspector James Ronatay stated that Rafael Joshua Vargas and suspect Joselito Romero, 43, were at the wake at 3:30 A.M. of March 2 when a heated argument erupted between them regarding a previous misunderstanding.

Romero left and after a few minutes came back armed with a bolo, hacking the victim on the left wrist and lower back. Vargas was immediately taken to the Eastern Bicol Medical Center while the suspect was arrested by responding policemen.

A week earlier, a security guard was hacked by a trouble maker at a popular bar in the capital town.

Benedict Ariate, 47, of Capilihan, was on duty at Big Apple Resto Bar in Sta. Elena at 2 A.M. of Feb. 23 when he pacified Joey Ogalesco, 36, also of Capilihan, who together with two unidentified companions, created trouble during a drinking spree.

A heated argument ensued between the duo, with Ogalesco leaving after paying the bill. After a few minutes, however, he returned armed with a bolo and hacked the guard on the left arm and left leg. Lawmen led by PO2 Domingo Bilaos arrested the suspect and recovered the bolo. A case for direct assault has been filed against Ogalesco before the Provincial Prosecution Office.

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