Local police ramps up anti-crime campaign
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Apparently dissatisfied with the performance of the Catanduanes police last year, OIC-Provincial Director Senior Superintendent Jeffrey Fernandez has ordered a reinvigorated anti-criminality campaign in 2017

The ramped-up drive against all forms of criminality is reflected in its accomplishment just in the first month of January, according to reports furnished the Tribune recently. Fernandez took over as head of the Catanduanes PNP only last October.

Describing 2016 as a very challenging year for the local police, the report cited only one operation against illegal gambling for the entire 12 months: a raid on an illegal cockfighting event in Hicming, Virac that netted three persons, four fighting cocks and P380 in cash.

In contrast, after PD Fernandez met with key officers and town police chiefs on the management of anti-crime efforts, the command has already conducted 11 operations against illegal gambling activities and arrested a total of 30 persons. The Virac police, however, had to release six alleged “paik que” aficionados arrested at a wake for the dead after the Provincial Prosecution Office dismissed the case against them.

Just last January, the police conducted two operations against illegal drugs, arresting two drug personalities; four anti-illegal logging missions in which nine persons were nabbed; one against illegal fishing activities with six arrested; 15 fugitives from the law nabbed under Operation Manhunt Charlie; and, accounted for four firearms either surrendered or confiscated.

“We have to really intensify our efforts to prove the efficiency and effectiveness in accomplishing the mission and objectives of the PNP in Catanduanes,” Senior Supt. Fernandez said, citing the need to regain the confidence of the people it has sworn to serve and protect. “Our efforts were concentrated more on crime prevention, swift response to all calls for police assistance and implementation of the intensified Project Double Barrel through the maintenance of high level of police visibility in crime-prone areas.”

In 2016, the Catanduanes police arrested a total of 48 drug personalities and seized 707 grams of shabu as well as 0.744 grams of marijuana. It likewise accounted for 11 firearms and various ammunition either confiscated or surrendered, and apprehended 20 persons for violations of forestry laws while seizing 4,541 board feet of sawn lumber valued at P150,000.00.

Three operations against illegal fishing also led to the apprehension of 11 persons and the confiscation of 69 kilos of assorted fish, motorized banca and equipment used in illegal fishing.

The report disclosed that among the best practices implemented last year were the active participation of the Barangay Peacekeeping Action Teams (BPATs), barangay tanods and local traffic enforcers in anti-illegal drug operations, robbery interventions, and enforcement of traffic rules, respectively; the “No Shoot, No Break” policy requiring police personnel applying for leave to pass minimum required 100 target shots of their issued short firearms, thereby developing their shooting proficiency; monthly Holy Mass to enhance the police personnel’s moral and spiritual fitness;  regular awarding of letters and certificates of commendation and appreciation to deserving policemen and civilians; and the awarding of commendations to deserving military personnel and civilians.

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