“Correct Discipline, A Must For Everyone”
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I read the article in the Tribune by Mr. Miguelito T. Rodriguez of the San Andres Central Elementary School about misbehavior among students, I agree with him, but there is the saying, “You cannot give what you do not have.” And another, “You cannot teach what you do not know,” Therefore, when it comes to discipline, both the mentors and the learners should be disciplined. It is said to note however that the teachers nowadays seems to be deaf and blind when it comes to discipline among their pupils. Why? It is because of the defect in the Educational System itself.

I happened to talk with several teachers. They said that they can no longer discipline their pupils. “Imagine,” they said. “Just staring at the pupils so they will stop their unnecessary noise, or telling them to behave properly, will make the teachers a criminal! He will be accused of corporal punishment”

In other words, teachers are no longer at liberty to correct misbehavior of their pupils. So, what kind of learning will there be? How will be their achievement? And then the teachers will be rated low? Pity for him or her especially if he or she is handling the most misbehaved ones.

How if teachers should be allowed to become reasonably strict for the good of the service, so the goals of teaching will be achieved? How about returning the old practice wherein the teachers could discipline the students in the same way as their parents do? Are they not acting in “loco parentis”?

It is hoped that the “powers that be” of the DepEd will soon realize this. Change for the better, is the cry of everyone, especially those who are in the service. They cannot complain because they are under the umbrella of the Educational System and for fear that they will lose their job.

Correct discipline should be exercised by everyone, both young and old, so, the Filipino race will be looked upon as a race of discipline people.

Caridad V. Soneja

San Andres (Calolbon)


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