How Are the Beautiful Trees Now?
posted 30-Apr-2017  ·  
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In the past, trees of all kinds (fruit trees, ornamental trees, trees for lumber materials used in building house, etc.) were abundant. They made the environment a beautiful sight with fresh air, shade and comfort. Now where are they? Well, they were and they are cut by men without replacing them. Some are made into lumber and all kinds of trees are burned and made into charcoal. So, our mountains are now bare, causing floods and so much destruction. Why are the culprits not caught and punished? Is it because these people are armed with deadly weapons or What? Are the law enforcers afraid of them or What? Where are our experts? If they are hard to catch, especially those who burn trees and make them into charcoal, why not confiscate all the charcoal being sold and catch or punish without exception those who sell charcoal?

I believe this is an easy and simple solution. Doing this will make the trees grow as in the olden days. Thus, we save Mother Earth from ruin.

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