PNP’S warning vs Maharlikan recruitment is false
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The ROYAL MAHARLIKAN TRIBES 1-NATION, INC./Royal Maharlikan Tribes International for Federal Self-Governance, Inc., United Royal Maharlikan Tribes of Luzon, Inc., spearheaded by HM Sultan DR. Mangacop Umpa Saud Al-Hadj, DhumD.,with the Tribal Governor of Catanduanes, respectfully inform the general public, that recruitment of Maharlikan Officers and Members in the province, is proper and legal. And ensure them that legitimate Maharlikan Officials are not collecting money for registration of its member or matters not beneficial to them.

For clarity, the Maharlikan group is a proper and legal organization not involve in any SCAM nationwide. And do not deceived people in its recruitment drive in any parts of the country, for the purpose.

For appropriate information of the public, the reported SCAMMERS who allegedly collected an amount of Php. 350.00 for Membership Fee, and Php. 1,000.00 for 2 pieces of T-Shirts each from the Maharlikan members, are not supporters of the Maharlikan group in the province. Hence, to curtail said scrupulous people from illegal activity victimizing innocent members and residents in the province, on December 5, 2017, undersigned Tribal Governor requested for appropriate police assistance and investigations from the office of PS SUPT. FELIX N. SERVITA, to HELD responsible persons LIABLE thereof.

With due respect, the report on Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) and Provincial Anti-Drug Abuse Council (PADAC), made by Catanduanes PNP Provincial Director Senior Superintendent-Felix Servita Jr., as disclosed on December 6, 2017 issue of the Catanduanes Tribune, alleging: “that the Maharlika group may be deceiving the people in its recruitment drive and cited reports that it is appointing barangay captains in some areas in preparations for a shift to the federal form of government.” Was made without conducting proper verifications from officers/members of the Maharlikan group in the province. Thus, resulted to false, illegal, bias and misleading information detrimental to the Maharlikan group in Catanduanes. Hence, this should be immediately corrected, for the purpose.

Actually, the United Royal Maharlikan Tribes of Luzon, Inc., was founded from existing Republic Act No. 8371, dated October 29, 1997, 10th Congress, of Republic of the Philippines, wherein Chapter IV- RIGHT TO SELF-GOVERNANCE AND EMPOWERMENT, Section 18 thereof, granted the creation of “Tribal Barangays” within the barangays in the Philippines, stated thus:

Section 18. Tribal Barangays.- The ICCPs/IPs living in contiguous areas or communities where they form the predominant populations but which are located in municipalities , provinces or cities where they do not constitute the majority of the populations, may form or constitute a separate barangay in accordance with the Local Government Code on the creation of tribal barangays.

Apparently, the ROYAL MAHARLIKAN TRIBES 1-NATION with SEC. REG. NO. CN201730139, TIN 009-809-228, exist pursuant to: PD. 410-IPRA, Republic Act No. 8371-People’s Right of 1997 Sec. 13,14,18,19 and 20, among others thereof; and Art. 1-46 of the United Nations Declaration of the Right of Indigenous Peoples, with address @ Maharlika Palace, Villa Fernando Resort, Angono, Rizal, is a legitimate umbrella organization that consolidate the MINDANAO, VISAYA and LUZON- Royal Maharlika Tribes. With MISSION of: To Unite Christian, Muslim & Lumad Brothers of the Philippines. To provide a vehicle for literacy & livelihood. To provide a means to uplift the quality of life if its members. And VISSION for: Harmonious co-existence of Christian, Muslim and Lumad brothers of the Philippines. Flourishing business and tourism as unified result of brotherhood of Maharlikan Tribes for Federal Governance.

Evidently, this Maharlikan Group has approved Positions Titles, per Resolution No. 6, Series of 2016, pursuant to the Executive Order No. 1, dated 30 June 2016, duly acknowledge by the Office of the President, Republic of the Philippines, to wit: TRIBAL CHIEF MINISTERS; TRIBAL ASSEMBLYMAN’S; TRIBAL GOVERNOR’S; TRIBVAL MAYOR’S, AND TRIBAL BRGY. CHAIRMAN’S, among others.  Thus, filling up of aforementioned positions in said organization is proper and legal nationwide. With appropriate funds for operations from the United Nation (UN) and other legal source.

 The Maharlikan Group Nationwide under federal set-up, will have responsible: 6 Assemblyman per Province; 18 Tribal Provincial Officials; 18 Tribal City Officials; 18 Tribal Municipal Officials, and 17 Tribal Barangay Officials, to manage the organization, for the purpose.

PREMISES CONSIDERED, this ADVISORY  to all concerned, may clear the names of Maharlikan Officials/ Members and enlightened our peaceful residents in the Province of Catanduanes of the MISSION and VISSION of our People’s Organization for the benefits of the cross-section of our populace.

More power to all Catandunganons, and GODSPEED!

Virac, Catanduanes, December 8, 2017.

Respectfully Yours,   



                                                                                                                         Tribal Governor of Catanduanes

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