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A minor revamp at FICELCO
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A minor revamp occurred the other week at the First Catanduanes Electric Cooperative, Inc. (FICELCO) headquarters in Marinawa, Bato.

Before he bowed out as OIC-General Manager, Jonathan Valles announced that he would be vacating the post and returning to the Corporate Planning Department. He also ordered several department heads and key personnel to return to their original posts. The returnees had been yanked off their posts by the previous OIC, Engr. Peter Amaro.

Then as week later, on Feb. 12, the Board of Directors headed by President Alexander Ang Hung designated Technical Services Department Manager Francis Gianan, who is incidentally my younger brother, as the new OIC-GM.

Through Board Resolution No. 11, the Board vested on him the authority to perform day-to-day functions as a GM, including policy formulation and other discretionary powers such as the power to hire, transfer, discipline and fire coop personnel. There was only one applicant for the strenuous job from among the qualified department heads. The new OIC, a coop veteran for 27 years now, enjoys the trust and confidence of the Board, the resolution stated.

The designation is not yet final as it still has to be approved by NEA.


Supporters of Virac Mayor Samuel Laynes raised a furor with this paper regarding last week’s editorial that they claimed made it appear that Laynes deserved blame for the irregular approval of the 1st Amendment to the Electricity Supply Agreement (ESA) between FICELCO and Sunwest Water & Electricity Co. (SUWECO).

The editorial was directed against FICELCO directors who okayed the amendment as well as the role member-consumers played in electing them to office.

Apart from the teaser on adverse findings in the NEA audit report concerning violations of procurement rules during Laynes’ stint, something blamed on the BAC’s unfamiliarity with the rules, never was his name mentioned as directly responsible for what NEA auditors said was a failure of the board to study the amendment proposal.

What is true is that then GM Laynes and the Technical Working Group, with the help of a consultant from UP, tried to craft Terms of Reference (TOR) favorable to the co-op. But the draft TOR, records show, was rejected for being not reflective of the 1st Amendment which backers insisted was a done deal. For failure to come up with the TOR, he and the TWG members were sued by SUWECO before NEA for grave misconduct and gross neglect of duty. To this day, two years after he left FICELCO, the administrative case remains unacted upon by NEA.

To those who called this writer on the matter of the alleged unfair treatment of the mayor, there is no need to rewrite the editorial.

What is important is the knowledge that, at least in the capital town, there is less of a dearth of integrity among elective officials, for Mayor Laynes, as well as Vice Mayor Arlynn Arcilla and several in the Sangguniang Bayan, are among the good people who are in public service.


    Following Catanduanes athletes’ second straight last place finish at the Palarong Bicol, the  forthcoming Provincial Sports Consultative Meeting and Grassroots Coaching this April has gained  importance.

    Now awaiting approval by the Philippine Sports Commission, the activity is the first in years to really focus on the problems ailing sports in the province.

    It is being handled by newly-designated PSC provincial coordinator, taekwondo blackbelt Edwin Gianan, who won a gold medal at the US Open Teakwondo Championships a few years back. Incidentally, he is our youngest brother.


THE KING’S NEW ENEMIES. Sir Geraint and his men returned to the king’s castle bearing bags of gold and half a dozen slave women, the fruits of plundering the land for a week.

    “Where have you been all this time, Sir Geraint,” asked the king.

    “I have been robbing and pillaging on your behalf all week, sire, burning the villages of your enemies in the north.”

    “But I don’t have any enemies in the north,” protested the king.

    “You have now, sire.”

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