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The DPWH buckles down to serious work
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DPWH Secretary Mark Villar’s appointment of Engr. Gil Augustus Balmadrid as officer-in-charge of the Catanduanes District Engineering Office finally ends the leadership vacuum that persisted in its San Isidro Village, Virac headquarters since last year.

While Balmadrid was doing an excellent job as assistant district engineer in Sorsogon’s second district, the local office was left leaderless by the Ombudsman’s dismissal of then DE Elmer Redrico. Instead of heeding the supposedly executor order of the anti-graft body, the DPWH apparently did nothing to replace Redrico or even designate Assistant DE Romeo Cielo.

Thus, without an order from the central office, Redrico went back to work at the district office, despite his being removed from the payroll as national offices had already been furnished the Ombudsman decision. According to insiders, they were like headless chickens, unsure what to do in cases where the wisdom and guidance of a district engineer was sorely needed. As a result, the district’s physical infrastructure and financial performance suffered to the extent that it failed to pay its fuel consumption for several months amounting to at least P3 million despite the availability of funds.

The new OIC has already buckled down to work with his staff in order to recover lost ground and finally turn in accomplishments worthy of the first-class engineering district as urged by DPWH regional director Engr. Danilo Verzola.


Following the successful implementation of TESDA’s Training-cum-Production Project for 75 families in the relocation site for informal settlers in San Isidro Village, Virac, the next wish of the beneficiaries is to have their small lots titled in their name.

Apparently, the site had been donated by Our Lady’s Foundation, Inc. (OLFI), represented by Robert Maullon, to the municipal government sometime in 2010 or 2011 upon the initiative of then private contractor Samuel Laynes. It is not known whether the donated property has already been properly subdivided into individual parcels, with certain portions set aside for communal use such as a plaza and a house of worship.

It would probably take some time for the municipal government to do this, as it is currently undertaking the land development of the lot purchased by the previous administration from the Home Guaranty Corporation’s inventory of idle housing properties.

While the Laynes administration has promised to level the existing ground on the propose plaza and Gov. Cua vowed to chip in with a paved road, it would be better for the sitio residents to partner with the barangay and begin the work on their own.


According to former capitol employee Dr. Peter Alden Azanza in his facebook comment, the campaign towards a rabies-free island will be futile if authorities will not be strict in the implementation in the control of incoming animals specifically in ports and airports.

“I personally observed that there is no personnel responsible and present at said entry points on a day-to-day basis,” he noted, adding that the mandate on the quarantine of incoming animals should be strictly observe and only immunized dogs and cats should be allowed entry to the island.

Appropriate quarantine facilities must be established at the ports and airport, Dr. Azanza said, and a campaign against stray dogs should be stridently implemented if the province is to ensure that the rabies cycle in Catanduanes comes to a halt.


THE TAILOR’S SON. Harry wanted a new suit so he bought a nice piece of cloth and tried to find a good tailor. The first tailor he visited looked at the cloth, measured Harry, then told him there was not enough cloth to make a suit.

Harry found this hard to accept, so he went to the tailor next door who measured both Harry and the cloth before announcing there was enough cloth to make a three-piece suit.

A week later, Harry returned to collect his suit and noticed that the tailor’s son was wearing trousers made of the same cloth. Puzzled, Harry asked: “How come you have been able to make a three-piece suit for me and trousers for your son when the chap next door could not even make a suit?”

“Simple,” said the tailor. “The guy next door has two sons.”

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