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Some issues with the boulevard project
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The joint venture undertaking the controversial boulevard expansion and widening project should better stick to the specifications in undertaking the project. It would be for its own good and that of the DPWH Catanduanes Engineering District.

Members of the “Salbaron ang  Baybayon” facebook group are having a field day posting photos of what it claims are evidence of anomalies: the use of broken concrete pieces and materials other than the Class III rocks weighing at least 1.5 tons each specified in the program of work for the P50 million contract.

The DPWH engineers overseeing the project should literally be seen often at the site, more frequent than the visits made by Salbaron members. While they may have accepted the reality that the project pushed by the local tourism stakeholders and Cong. Cesar Sarmiento can no longer be stopped, the fb group is out to make sure that the boulevard expansion and widening is prosecuted by the contractor in compliance with DPWH standards and specifications.

A failure to properly monitor the project and correct any deficiency could embolden some in the Salbaron group to actually file administrative and criminal complaints against those involved.


A source informs that the DPWH regional office has already completed the bidding of the P250-million second and third phase of the project. One of them covers the area from the pier towards Sta. Cruz while the other begins with a bridge linking the boulevard at Concepcion to the dead-end road that passes by the cemetery and ends at the terminus of the first phase now under construction.

The problem with these two phases is that the designers have incorporated the line canal of the first phase, which many deem as useless and potentially polluting. It has been surmised that the canal, which was missing in the initial design before the controversy erupted, was incorporated to accommodate the “savings” from the reduction in the expansion from the original 12 meters to just five meters.

What should be done here is to altogether delete the line canal from the next two phases and realign the cost to better, rust-proof street lights. There is also the matter of the gap between the first phase and the start of the Sta. Cruz portion, which corresponds to the area from the breakwater to the port itself. This gap is not included in the next two projects and thus should be funded from the savings, should the DPWH agree to delete the line canal.


TESDA Catanduanes is hoping that jobless Catandunganons who want jobs in the local construction industry, as well as former OFWs,  would join the National TVET enrolment this April 5-6.

    As any homeowner occupied with finishing their own house  would tell you, it is very hard to find skilled construction workers such as carpenters or masons.

    Even established contractors are not spared by this shortage of skilled workers, who now command at least P400 per day.


FINDING JESUS. A drunk is stumbling through the woods when he comes across a preacher baptizing people in the river. He walks down to the water’s edge, then trips and falls before the holy man.

Almost overcome by the smell of alcohol, the preacher pipes up: “Lord have mercy on your drunken soul, brother; are you ready to find Jesus?”

Out of his skull, the drunk agrees: “Yes, I am!”

And with that, the preacher grabs him and dunks him under the water.

Moments later, he drags the boozer back up: “Brother, have you found Jesus?”

“No, preacher,” stammers the drunk, “I have not!”

Stunned by this, the preacher sends the drunk down again… this time leaving him a little longer.

Finally he drags him back up again: “Rid your soul of the poison, brother; have you found Jesus?”

Gasping for air, the drunk sputters a reply: “No, preacher I have not!”

At his wits’ end, the preacher sends the drunk down one last time.

A full minute later, he pulls him out. “For the love of God,” shouts the preacher, “tell me you’ve found Jesus!”

Coughing his lungs up, the drunk wipes his eyes and turns to the preacher: “You sure this is where he fell in?”

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