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A kink in the DSWD’s shelter assistance
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Bagamanoc Vice Mayor Odilon Pascua, who attended last Friday’s grand opening of the Catanduanes Doctors Hospital, Inc. (CDHI), expressed his view on the Emergency Shelter Assistance (ESA) granted by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to typhoon victims whose houses were either damaged or destroyed.

The former three-termer mayor said that in his town, a considerable number of typhoon victims who had to rebuild or repair their homes were not among the list of ESA recipients who were given P25,000.00 or P15,000.00, respectively.

The problem, Pascua bared, is that after barangay captains submitted the list of those with damaged and destroyed homes, the DSWD sent validation teams to the villages a month after the storm. The timing is crucial in this case, as the lapse of four weeks meant many residents had already borrowed money to repair and rehabilitate their houses.

As a result, many of these residents were stricken off the list, as the DSWD validators had already considered them unqualified for the housing rehab assistance.

This view was seconded by DILG provincial director Uldarico Razal Jr., who observed that, unlike in the mainland where typhoon victims often stay long in evacuation centers, Catandunganons in a similar situation have made it a custom to immediately repair or restore their homes the day after the storm or as soon as the wind dies down.

Under DILG’s Project LISTO, he noted, the survey of the extent of damage to private structures is supposed to be undertaken by the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) but the agency’s chronic lack of personnel and limited presence in the towns has made this job impossible.

What should be done, Vice Mayor Pascua suggested, is for the DSWD to just rely on the damage reports submitted by the barangay chairpersons. The only kink in this proposal is that barangay captains are notoriously known for putting undeserving relatives in the damage list.


Atty. Susan Ubalde-Ordinario, the lone woman in the Malacanang-appointed body tasked to review the 1986 Constitution, was at the Hall of Justice last week to attend to a client’s case.

On her way out of the Hall of Justice, she told this writer that the committee has already discussed the articles of the Constitution as far as the legislature and constitutional commissions are concerned. It has approved the proposal for the election of senators by region, with the regions to retain their names as in “Federated Region of Bicol.”

Atty. Ordinario, a staunch supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, informed that the committee is not confident of finishing its job by the April 30 deadline. Her stand on political butterflies and dynasties got some TV time, particularly her proposal to ban politicians from running in elections within a specific period from transferring to another party.


Good news for licensed teachers who have yet to land permanent jobs with the Department of Education in the province of Catanduanes!

Last week, the Department of Budget and Management  announced that it has approved the creation of 75,242 teaching positions for kindergarten/elementary, junior high school (JHS), and senior high school (SHS) for SY 2018-2019, in line with the request made by the Department of Education (DepEd) in order to address the inadequate number of teaching personnel in public schools nationwide.

The funding requirements to cover salaries and other forms of compensation for the new positions shall be charged against the FY 2018 Built-in Appropriations (New School Personnel Positions). Notably, only filled positions will be covered by the DBM’s issuance of a Special Allotment Release Order (SARO).

Based on the breakdown of the new teaching positions, the Bicol region has been allocated the following number of slots: 2,739 Teacher I positions for Kindergarten/Elementary, 3,160 Teacher I positions for Junior HS, and 17 Teacher II positions for Senior HS.

While the report did not have information on a per-province basis, it is expected that the Catanduanes DepEd will be given less than a thousand teacher openings, for which an equal number of idle teachers or even more will be trooping to the division office to land one of them.


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