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An apology to the congressman
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Congressman Cesar Sarmiento has publicly called upon the Tribune management to apologize for what he said was a false, untrue and uncorroborated statement made by a capitol source.

The capitol insider, citing Governor Joseph Cua, had claimed that it was the congressman who told Eric Isidoro last year that the governor was keeping a witness who could pin him down, stoking the NBI senior agent’s fear that Cua was out to have him killed.

Cong. CS said in an interview that the Tribune did not get his side on the issue. On this, he is absolutely correct.

He was in the United States of America at the time the news regarding RTC Judge Lelu Contreras’ hour-long address to Isidoro and his security escorts developed, with the comment from the capitol coming at the tail-end of the story. This writer, on the other hand, has not conversed with the solon for more than a minute since about eight months ago.

For this lapse, the Tribune apologizes to the good congressman and the reading public.


We have to understand, however, that in the world of politics, particularly at the local level where conflicts are intensely fought, true honesty is in short supply and alliances very much like the fickle weather.

Thus, in this time when local politicians are girding for the battle in 2019, the public should not make too much of their statements.

Cong. CS, for one, has indicated that he is not running for governor once his third straight term expires by next year. He said it would be a financially difficult campaign for him and elder brother Jorge to win, especially considering that the last time brothers won as governor and congressman was during the heyday of the Albertos. Older voters may recall that they voted against the tandem of then Jun Verceles and wife Natsy when they ran for the island’s top posts, with only Verceles winning the public’s nod.

There are reliable reports, however, that CS has already secured the blessing of House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, with the efforts of Gov. Cua to join the PDP-Laban blocked at the national level. Those close to the congressman say Sarmiento, who was once vice governor, has this strong desire to become chief executive. Perhaps, this arises from the fact that he has already proven himself to be the best congressman of Catanduanes in recent times, rivalling the clout and accomplishment of then Rep. Jose Alberto, and wants to prove that he can do the same fine job at the capitol.

Of course, voters need also to understand that it is virtually impossible for a politician who has held an elective position for years to disengage from politics and the public view. Anyone who has gotten comfortable with the perks, power and public recognition will have to satisfy his craving once the three-term ride ends. Jun Verceles, who successfully made the transition from congressman to governor, and Joseph Santiago, who failed at his attempt, are prime examples.

This is the same reason defeated politicians try to keep their allies who won, in a bid to project power and keep appearances of such power before the public in preparation for another run. Politics, like drugs, can be addicting indeed.

On behalf of the Tribune management, I wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Tribune readers, relatives and friends who expressed their sympathies and support following this writer’s legal setback.  Thank you so much!


    On Friday, May 4, 2018, it will be the 18th death anniversary of Tribune founder Fredeswindo T. Gianan Sr., from whom this writer inherited this paper.

    Incidentally, my father died from pancreatic cancer, the same ailment that felled San Andres parish priest Fr. Henry Vega last week.  


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