By By Fernan A. Gianan
Whatever happened to the MSEAC?
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Much of the bad press being received by FICELCO management is due to their failure to reach out to their member-consumers to explain what they are doing about the power situation.

It had not called regular press conferences and while they have issued through text messages or social media announcements regarding scheduled power interruptions or the reason for unscheduled outages, the announcements contain many technical terms that are beyond the comprehension of the ordinary consumer.

It would have been much better if they issued a Bicol or Filipino translation at the same time so its 54,000 member-consumers could understand what is wrong with the Catanduanes Grid.


Many of us were also unaware that as early as January, NPC sought to take over the CPGI’s rented power plant, pursuant to the provision that the 3.6-megawatt bunker-fuel genset be turned over in running condition after being idled since October 2017.

The bid to do the load test was made despite the fact that CPGI, represented by its chairman, GMA-7 founder Atty. Felipe Gozon, had filed a motion for reconsideration of the non-renewal of the lease agreement with FICELCO.

In a letter to the cooperative dated Feb. 2, 2018, CPGI president Joselito Abrogar, who is married to Gozon’s daughter, expressed concern over the doubling of trippings in the last three months that the Daihatsu genset had not been in operation, and urged FICELCO to allow the company to operate the plant and help improve the reliability of power supply in the grid.

This writer learned of this only after the brownouts started. As both the governor and the congressman observed during the May 25 board meeting at Marinawa, they could have acted earlier to assist in having NPC run the plant had they known about the problem.


What FICELCO board president Dir. Alex Ang Hung did when protesters hired by a known rally organizer gathered at the gate of the cooperative in Marinawa last week.

He went out by himself to the gate and invited the protesters in, to the consternation of one rallyist to went over to a parked car along the road and asked the organizer what they should do.

What transpired between Dir. Ang Hung and the protesters inside the lobby we do not know, but what is certain is that the Virac director is not one to shy away from challenges faced by the cooperative, including subtle and not-so-subtle pressure from power suppliers and their politician-backers.


    Whatever happened to the Multi-Sectoral Electricity Advisory Committee (MSEAC) organized by the cooperative in compliance with a NEA directive last year?

    Since it was created, the committee has not convened, not even to discuss the outages and other supply issues.


A DAY AT THE PENTAGON. A soldier at the Pentagon gets out of the shower and realizes that his clothes are missing. He searches around for them, but accidentally locks himself out of his locker room, and finds himself completely naked in the halls of the world’s most powerful military organization HQ. But, luckily, no one is around to see him.

    So he runs as fast as he can to the elevator. When it arrives, it’s empty. He breathes a sigh of relief and gets in. When the doors open on his floor, there is no one waiting outside. “This must be my lucky day,” he says to himself. He is now only a few yards from his office.

    Suddenly, he hears footsteps coming from around the corner. He hears the General’s voice. There is no way he’ll make it to the floor in time, so he ducks into the closest office available, and finds himself in the laboratory for Research & Development. The head scientist looks up from one of her experiments with puzzled interest.

    The soldier thinks quickly, stands up straight and salutes.

    “I am here to report the partial success of the Personal Invisibility Device,” he says.

    “I see,” the head scientist says, “The Shrink Ray seems to be working perfectly, too.”

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