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     Clive Castro of Cooperville, Texas, robbed a bank, ran out as fast as he could and yanked open the door of the first car he saw in the slow-moving traffic outside, with the aim of commandeering it and driving himself to safety. Unfortunately, the car he chose was an unmarked police car.


     Turkish wrestler Youssouf Ishmaelo was immensely wealthy but because he didn’t trust anyone to look after his money, he carried it everywhere he went in the form of gold ingots, carried inside a pouch worn round his waist. In 1898 he toured America with great success before returning to Turkey.

     Unfortunately, the boat on which he was travelling, the Bourgoyne, hit a reef and rapidly started to sink. All the passengers survived the wreck except Ishmaelo. The weight of the gold bullion around his waist prevented him from swimming to safety and he went down with the ship.


     A Dublin woman visited her general practitioner complaining of a bad cough and was prescribed a combination of antibiotics and cough medicine. He also gave her a free sample of the medicine supplied by the manufacturers. She returned four days later complaining that she found the cough medicine “vile and sickening”, and was feeling worse than when she originally came in.

     The doctor looked at the bottle he’d given her and realized it was a urine sample given to him by another patient. The woman sued the practice for £22,000.

-  excerpts from EPIC FAIL by Mark Leigh

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