True freedom eludes us all
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Yesterday, the province’s officialdom led the celebration of the country’s 120th Independence Day with meaningful rites at Plaza Rizal, following a Mass at the nearby Immaculate Conception Cathedral.

Local leaders paid tribute to the nation’s heroes who had paid with their precious blood to obtain freedom for the Filipino people and particularly recognized war veteran Sgt. Ventura Lumbao, who was not among those given medals during the celebration of Liberation Day last February.

In the message of the chief executive that was read by Vice Governor Shirley Abundo, Cua remarked that a new tyrant seeks to destroy the country from within. He cited the filing of the House bill seeking the legalization of divorce, a move which he said would destroy the family as the basic institution of society. He also pointed to the continued extra-judicial killings, the removal of Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno and the implementation of the TRAIN Law and its inflationary effect on the prices of basic goods and services, as bringing undue suffering to the Filipino people.

As the entire country expresses its pride in achieving independence through the ultimate sacrifice of its heroes, Gov. Cua said the peaceful revolution that the nation needs now is not blood but unity.

Unfortunately, unity is in short supply in the country, with its people divided on several issues, particularly on Duterte’s brand of governance and the federalist constitution that he espouses.

In Catanduanes, the same division separates people along political choices, a situation that is bound to worsen following the recent declaration of Congressman Cesar Sarmiento that he will run for the capitol seat next year.

At the First Catanduanes Electric Cooperative, Inc., the board is divided against itself, with the minority seeking to oust the majority of the seven-member body. A power supplier accuses the same four directors, along with three cooperative officials, of negligence and other administrative offenses. And the National Electrification Administration (NEA) takes over the management, as if it could undo what a decade of blind obedience and selling-out to their political and corporate backers has brought the people it is supposed to serve: an unstable power supply at a high cost.

Worse, the recent Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Elections again demonstrated the power of money in influencing the people’s choice of leaders. Despite the election of honorable men and women who did not buy votes, majority of the candidates did and the people shoved the money into their pockets without a thoughtful pause.

Indeed, true freedom eludes us all.

There are a few who continue to labor selflessly to educate their brethren on the right to make their own choices, on the freedom to tell the truth, on the right to health and decent living. But their efforts would be for naught if the people choose to remain ignorant and unwilling to free themselves from the new tyranny that enslaves the country.

As Voltaire once said, it is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.

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