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The shooting that wasn’t
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Last Monday afternoon, this writer received an email from a foreigner concerning his brother-in-law, a resident of Sto. Cristo, Virac.

According to the sender, whose name is being withheld, his brother-in-law, Garry (not his real name), was outside his house using an air rifle when a man on a motorcycle drove up, fired a real gun in the air and told Gary he was under arrest. The man ordered Gary to lie on the ground and place his hands behind his back.

Now armed with two guns, the man shot Garry twice in the back before leaving as the victim’s friends rushed to take him to the hospital. The email sender claimed that people there said the man was drunk and that he said he was a policeman despite wearing civilian clothes.

With Garry in the hospital with a P10,000.00 hospital bill, the email sender wanted to post a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the alleged policeman shooter.

The problem, however, is that the Virac police station has no record of a shooting incident that occurred in Sto. Cristo as narrated by the email sender.

A police officer confirmed that they went to the barangay to validate the report and that it appears that Garry sustained a single, surface wound at the back allegedly from a misfiring “boga”, a home-made toy gun made from PVC pipes.

Fueled by denatured alcohol or lighter fluid with an LGP igniter as triggering device, the toy gun usually used as noisemaker during the New Year celebrations are sometimes used to fire marbles.

The policeman stated that if a real gun was indeed fired at Garry’s back, he would have died instantly as the bullet would have gone through his spine and vital organs. As the police verified at the hospital, Garry’s wound was on the surface as if a section of his skin and flesh has been gouged by a round projectile.

The barangay chairman also went to the police station to deny that there was a shooting incident in the village, the police stated.


ON BAR PASSERS. Another Viracnon, Ma. Berna Joyce  Molod Silvano, was one of those who passed the 2017 Philippine Bafr examinations, the results of which were released last April 2018. The new lawyer graduated from San Beda College of Law.

According to Jonathan Molod, his niece is the daughter of Josefina Molod Silvano of Gogon Centro, Virac who now resides in Cavite province. Josefina is the daughter of the late Juan T. Molod and Consuelo C. Molod, the latter now a resident of Guam, USA.

On the other hand, Ma. Salvacion Tacorda writes to clarify that Atty. Paul Anthony Tacorda is the son of former Provincial Board Member Jesus M. Tacorda. A licensed real estate broker and assessor, Atty. Paul graduated cum laude from AB Asian Studies and finished Civil Law at the University of Santo Tomas.


    Two prominent personalities in the island’s political scene have their birthdays this June.

    San Andres Mayor Peter Cua marked his nth last week while Atty. Jorge Sarmiento, the always politically-connected brother of Cong. Cesar Sarmiento, will celebrate his with the family on the 27th. He has been in the United States for a private trip and should be back soon, and maybe in the island to pick up where he left off in his (and his brother’s) bid to keep the seat in the family.

    Last Monday, Burabod writer Efren Sorra thanked God and his circle of family and friends for his 79th year.


BLAME GAME. While out for a drive, an elderly couple stops at a service station for lunch. Back on the road afterwards, the elderly woman realizes that she has left her glasses in the service station.

    By then, they have travelled quite a distance and have to go even further before they can find a place to turn around.

    The old fella moans and complains all the way back to the restaurant. He called his wife every name he can think of and when they finally arrive back at the service station, and the woman gets out of the car to retrieve her glasses, the man yells to her, “And while you’re in there, you might as well get my wallet, too!”

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