Applications for post grad, law, medical scholarships now open
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The newly approved scholarship program of the Provincial Government of Catanduanes is now accepting applications for Post GRraduate Studies, Doctor of Medicine and Juris Doctor program.

All Catandunganon who meet the following qualifications are eligible to apply.

General Requirements are as follows:

1. The student/applicant must be a Filipino resident and bonafide resident of Catanduanes and actually residing for at least five (5) years prior to the application;

2.The student must be of good moral character and has no pending or must not have been convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude;

3. The student must be in good health to pursue and graduate in school including to serve the mandatory return service;

4. The applicant must have family or personal incomes that are not sufficient to finance or complete education in the course or degree being applied for.


Applicants must be:

1. Must be a graduating or a graduate of an appropriate undergraduate program identified as prerequisite for a Bachelor of Laws or for a Doctor of Medicine degree from any higher education institution(HEI) duly recognized by the Commission on Higher Education including the Direct Entrant to the seven-year Integrated Liberal Arts Medicine Program (INTARMED) of the University of the Philippines who satisfactorily completes the first two years of the program, or graduating or a graduate of Bachelor Degree directly related to the Masteral program or graduating or graduate of Master’s degree directly related to the Doctorate degree;

2. Must have a general weighted Average of 1.75 or its equivalent in undergraduate program and has no failing grades in any subject;

3. Must have passed the entrance examinations and other related requirements for admission and obtain a rating of at least 85% in the Philippine Law School Admission Test (PhilSAT) for Law and at least 90% in National Medical Admission Test (NMAT), subject to the condition under Section 6 paragraph A, Article IV hereof, or passed the qualifying examinations of the school to enroll.

In cases of those applicants completing studies on Medicine, Law, Master’s degree or Doctorate degree, must comply of no failing grades and with general weighted average of 1.75 or its equivalent.

Application Requirements - The applicant, to qualify must submit the following requirements:

a.         Application Form

b.         Official or Certified transcript of records

c.         Certified true copy of diploma

d.         Barangay Certification of Residency

e.         Copy of latest Family (combined) Income Tax Return

f.          Medical Certificate including Drug Test Result

g.         Certificate of Good Moral Character issued by the school

h.         Copy of Medical Admission Test (NMAT) or Intarmed Program of the University of the Philippines, or Philippine Law School Admission Test (PhilSAT)

Interested Applicants are encourage to pass their application requirements at Governor’s Office- Information Unit, 2nd Floor Capitol Building.

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