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Kusog Bikolandia and the 2019 local polls
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It is too early to tell if the entry of Kusog Bikolandia into local politics in this island as a regional party fielding its own bets would considerably impact the results of the 2019 midterm polls.

As far as the Bicol media was able to discern, the party headed by chairman Noel de Luna of Legazpi City and president Atty. Jorge Sarmiento of Virac is well-funded and intent on recruiting like-minded members in all six Bicol provinces.

Since the 11 municipal mayors, except for Virac Mayor Sammy Laynes who won as independent, are already allied with established political parties like NP, NPC and PDP-Laban, Kusog would have to pirate some of them or convince their would-be opponents to run under its banner.

This would entail adequate funding support during the campaign, something that Cong. Cesar Sarmiento has limited to the minimum as far as assistance to his group’s candidates in the last three elections is concerned.


The decision of the Ombudsman that junked the shabu lab raps filed by the widow of the late businessman Larry Que against Governor Joseph Cua, Virac Mayor Samuel Laynes and Palta Small barangay chairman Helario Sarmiento was not unexpected.

Not only were the charges baseless, it was filed at the urging of a politician close to Que and his backers, including one entity figuring prominently in recent electrifying developments.


Congratulations to Mayor Eulogio Rodriguez and the people of Bato for once more becoming a finalist in the national search for LGUs with outstanding literacy programs.

In 2010, the fifth-class municipality was the champion in its category in the National Literacy Conference and Awards, anchoring its triumph in its nearly 98 percent literacy rate and pro-education programs such as livelihood trainings and seminars as part of functional literacy, infra support facilities, health and social undertakings, alternative learning system, scholarship, special program for the employment of students, capability building, affiliation training and tourism and environmental protection.

It is a testament to the chief executive’s leadership that his administration was able to qualify for the national award despite political disagreements between the executive and the legislative departments.


On behalf of the Virac Sports Club which he once headed, this corner offers belated condolences to the family of the late Jorge Reyes, who succumbed to a heart attack last week.

A week before he died, Jorge played with VSC members on the weekend of July 22-23. He had been going back to the province every two weeks, not only to reconnect with his supporters but to play basketball as exercise. “Maduwa akong kawat na susuliton ko ang mahal na pamasahe sa eroplano,” he often said.

On the last game he played with the sports club, he left the hard court before the game even reached half-time and asked for a replacement. “Kinapos padi,” he told me as he was rubbing his chest.

As I left the Virac Sports Center, he told me he would just rest for a while before playing in the second game. Little did we comprehend that he was, at the time, probably feeling the precursor of a heart attack.

    The former PBM was firm in his belief that the chaotic power situation on the island could be resolved. It is just unfortunate that politics derailed his efforts to shed light on the real situation at FICELCO and its contracts.


THE DOCTOR’S WIFE. A doctor and his wife were arguing about their sex life. “You just don’t pay any attention to my needs,” she said.

The doctor replied, “I do. It’s you. You are dreadful in bed.” And he stormed off to work.

Mid-morning, the doctor realized he had overreacted and decided to call his wife at home.

The phone rang and rang before she answered.

When she did, the doctor asked, “Why did it take you so long to answer the phone?”

She replied, “I was getting a second opinion.”

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