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The congressman’s focus on power supply
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Cong. Cesar Sarmiento had a mouthful to say to parents attending the PTA induction ceremonies last Saturday evening at the Catanduanes National High School where his 2019 opponent, Gov. Joseph Cua was the guest of honor.

Taking advantage of the huge crowd, the congressman called upon FICELCO member-consumers to carefully chose the next members of the board of directors by considering their qualifications. This, he said, is the only way to avoid the mistakes made by past FICELCO boards that led to the recurring brownouts over the years.

He said he is serious in taking on the issue of reliability and affordability of electricity, pointing out that power outages affect every Catandunganon. “I will not spare anyone or any company, whether they support any director or candidate in the next elections,” Sarmiento stressed.

In a conversation with this writer, the congressman disclosed that he in the thick of studying the underlying reasons behind the problems plaguing the cooperative.

He opined that what frustrates him more is that the present board and management is not doing enough about the reported failure of CPGI and SUWECO to deliver the agreed-upon quantity of electricity in their respective contracts.

CPGI, which still has four years to go in its contract, has not installed a replacement power plant following the non-renewal of its lease over the 3.6-MW bunker-fuel genset owned by Napocor.

On the other hand, SUWECO has failed to pursue the construction of the Hitoma 2 and Capipian mini-hydroelectric plants, with the latter supposed to be commissioned by December of this year.


Also present during the induction rites were Vice Gov. Shirley Abundo, PBM Arnel Turado, PBM Rafael Zuniega, Mayor Samuel Laynes, Vice Mayor Arlynn Arcilla and Councilor Rosie Olarte.

The other officers CNHS Central PTA for school year 2018-2019 headed by this writer as president are: Dr. Emmanuel Guerrero, vice president; Jemima Rodriguez, secretary; Linda Icaranom, treasurer; Elmo Arcilla, auditor; and, Juan Arador, Edgar Sarmiento, Evelia Malijan, Maria Theresa Tarin, Janet Laynes, Imelda Aguilar,  Rodel Bordeos,

On behalf of the CNHS family, we thank the donors for the induction raffle, including Gov. Joseph Cua, who gave 30 sacks of 5-kg and 10-kg rice, Mayor Peter Cua who donated P5,000.00, Vice Gov. Shirley Abundo who gave P3,000.00, PBM Arnel Turado and PBM Raffy Zuniega, Dir. Alex Ang Hung, Virac Junction Hardware, NQA Construction, Tristamar Gen. Mdse,, and several others who made the affair successful despite the intermittent drizzles.

The CNHS is most especially gratified by the assurance of Cong. Sarmiento, who pledged to fund the expansion of the auditorium so it could accommodate more people by next year, and Gov. Cua, who left behind P10,000.00 and P5,000.00 as financial assistance to the PTA and the Teachers and Employees Association.

    The biggest public high school in the island province has 5,463 students, almost the same as that of the Catanduanes State University.


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