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BJMP Virac now favors move to less secure site
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Faced with the strong possibility of losing a sizeable funding for a new jail facility, the Bureau of Jail Manage-ment and Penology (BJMP) is now doing everything pos-sible to realize the donation by the Virac local government of a property for the new site of the capital town’s district jail.

According to Jail Senior Inspector Emmanuel Arandia, who visited Mayor Samuel Laynes at the latter’s office last week, the bureau is now intent on getting the LGU’s lot at Calatagan Tibang along the provincial road to Dan-icop.

For years, successive jail officials have rejected the offers of several municipal administrations to use the lot in transferring the current jail from the municipal com-pound. They cited security concerns of the move, as the site is located at a relatively isolated area and is bounded at the back by several hills about 50 meters high.

Communist rebels have been sighted in the Tibang-Danicop area. In fact, several years ago, Army soldiers raided an NPA encampment in the same mountainous area.

It may be recalled that the LGU bought the 3,000-square meter lot as counter-part for the proposed drug rehabilitation center funded with P500,000.00. The fund-ing, however, was not enough, with the one-storey concrete building uncomplet-ed and now utilized as a mu-nicipal nursery.

The district jail warden informed that the P16-million allocated for the new jail facil-ity is just enough for the con-struction of a 500-square meter one-storey building that could accommodate 100 inmates or detainees, or ―Persons Deprived of Liberty‖ or PDLs as the BJMP now calls them.

At present, the jail inside the LGU compound houses 121 PDLs in a facility original-ly built for 27, Arandia said.

The proposed facility as funded would not include a recreational area, with the building to be expanded up-wards later.

The existing building, on the other hand, would be utilized for administrative purposes and for a livelihood center for the PDLs.


Theft and robbery cases continue to bedevil the Virac police station, with the latest incident victimizing a busi-nesswoman selling imported items in Calatagan.

Unidentified suspects forci-bly opened the GI-sheet win-dow guard at the front of the A. Teves Enterprises along the national highway and took a Givenchy bag, sling bags, assorted perfumes, cosmetics and jewelries, 13 Casio G-Shock watches, and lipsticks, worth a total of P122,500.00.

Intelligence operatives have been ordered by Chief Inspector Josefino Titong Jr. to conduct follow-up investi-gation. The items are ex-pected to be sold for a frac-tion of their actual cost.


Salvador Alasco recently sent the following email as a feedback to a recent column on the power situation in Catanduanes:

―I just read your article in "Good News and a Dream". Setting aside the rest of the other news, there really had been a "long ago" plan for NAPOCOR to run a 69-KV submarine cable from main-land Bicol (Tiwi Geothermal) to Codon, Catanduanes. That is why there is that 32-km, 69-KV transmission line from Codon to Virac which your very own PIO BENAVIDEZ (NAPOCOR PRESIDENT) inaugurated last year. Per-haps it would be best to ask him why this 69-KV link had not been done.‖


THE CRUEL SEA. The first mate on a ship decided to celebrate his birthday with some con traband rum. Un-fortunately, he was still drunk the next morning. Realizing this, the captain wrote in the ship’s log: ―The first mate was drunk today.‖

―Captain, please don’t let that stay in the log,‖ the mate said. ―This could add months or years to my becoming a captain myself‖

―Is it true?‖ asked the cap-tain, already knowing the answer.

―Yes, it’s true,‖ the mate said.

―Then, if it’s true, it has to go in the log. That’s the rule,‖ said the captain sternly.

A few weeks later, it was the first mate’s turn to make the log entries. He wrote: ―The ship seems in particular-ly good shape. The captain was sober today.
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