Monumental blunders
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Dr. Mark MacDonald was working late one night in the ER when a man ran in and yelled, “My wife’s going to have her baby in the cab!” The doctor grabbed his bag, rushed out to the cab and lifted the lady’s dress. That’s when he noticed there were several cabs parked outside – and he was in the wrong one.

German U-boat commander Wolfgang Luth was the second most successful U-boat captain of the Second World War but met an inglorious end in 1945. Constantly aware of security issues, he always gave strict instructions to guards to shoot anyone on sight who did not give the right password regardless of any circumstances. He was shot by a sentry when he returned to Flensburg-Murwik Naval Academy one day and gave the wrong password.

An unnamed British bank decided to mail 2,000 of its wealthiest customers in 1993 to promote a range of exclusive financial services. So important were these clients that the mail-marge programme was first tested using a fictitious name. Unfortunately due to human error, the fake name ended up being used for everyone: recipients received letters addressed: “Dear Rich Bastard.”

(Source: EPIC FAIL by Mark Leigh, 2013 Virgin Books)


Fast Facts

Tupperware was invented by a chicken salesman.

More than a million square feet of forest are used every year to make chopsticks.

Baby chickens use their right eye to look for food and their left eye to look out for predators.

It’s impossible to set fire to a pool of petrol by throwing a lit cigarette into it.

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