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The conjoined twins in Side Show. Heart-tugging performance.

The Atlantis theater group in Manila has a winner in Side Show (book by Bill Russell and music by Henry Krieger) which is reminiscent of the Filipino peryahan and travelling circus often invading fiesta celebrations in the countryside.

One has fond memories of those circus acts in the island where both the young and the old pay good money to relish the sight of the so-called ‘freaks’ of the earth.

In Side Show Manila version, the circus ‘freaks’ are Christine Flores as the Bearded Lady, Ring Antonio as the Fortune Teller, Mica Fajardo as the Albino Lady, Alex Reyes as the Tattooed Girl, Jill Pena as Venus de Milo, Chesko Rodriguez as the Three-legged Man, Luis Marcelo as the Geek, Juancho Escoto as the Lizard Man, Vien King as Half-Man Half-Woman, and Tim Pavino as Dog Boy/Houdini.

The story of the musical revolves around the conjoined twins Daisy and Violet Hilton played superbly by Gab Pangilinan and Kayla Rivera.

The good thing about this musical is that the music blends very well with the story and the singing and dancing ensemble simply dazzles with eye-popping precision.

Markki Stroem as the talent scout Terry Connor has charming appeal nobody would think he was after fame and fortune and managed to recruit a co-conspirator named Buddy played very well and with extra flair by singing actor David Ezra.

Singer-composer Wency Cornejo has a fairly good stage presence as the ringmaster. Indeed sinister he looked and sounded in every scene.

Gab Pangilinan and Kayla Rivera as the conjoined twins Daisy and Violet Hilton embodied the naivete, the innocence and the determination to accept life for what it is. Their acting and singing simply tug at the heart especially in the song number, “Who will love me as I am?”

Arman Ferrer as Jake singing “You Should Be Loved” was a showstopper. This singer can act and when he sings, you wish he could go on singing forever.

The lyrics of his song number was haunting as it were and kept on ringing in one’s mind

You should be loved

By someone who knows you

Wants you to blossom

Always is true

You should be cherished

Like the first sign of springtime

You should be loved...

You should be loved

With constant devotion

Heart-pounding passion

Flooding you through

You should be treasured

Like a ruby or a diamond

You should be loved in the way

I love you

(Side Show is directed by Steven Conde, with choreography by Cecile Martinez, set design by Lawyn Cruz, lighting design by Jonjon Villareal, sound design by Jason Crystal, projection design by GA Fallarme, costume design by Odelon Simpao, hair and make up design by Johann dela Fuente, musical direction by Farley Asuncion and vocal direction by Manman Angsico.Catch these critically acclaimed talents from August 31 to September 23 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati City.)

Markki Stroem as the talent scout Terry Connor with Arman Ferrer and David Ezra. Circus characters as victim and exploiters.
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