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Hector Sanchez’s permanent solution
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Claiming he is serious and more prepared now, Engr. Hector Sanchez vowed last week to pursue a permanent solution to the recurrent power problem if he is elected as congressman next year.

In a press conference at Kemji Resort and Restaurant together with Gov. Joseph Cua and Vice Gov. Shirley Abundo, the former governor said a submarine cable connecting the Catanduanes island grid to the Bicol power grid would solve all the problems plaguing consumers, from the intermittent and sometimes’ day-long brownouts, high cost, and low voltage.

If within three months’ time, the national government fails to solve the problem, Sanchez said, he will solve it using his own resources. However, he did not elaborate on how this would be done.

“We cannot eat infrastructure,” the electrical engineer pointed out, saying that he would focus on basic needs of the people from water supply, food, and livelihood to cheap power and reliable internet.

A congressman should not only propose bills but also have good coordination with the local government uniuts, Sanchez stated. “Dapat hindi nag-aaway ang governor at congressman.”

It is not necessary to be a lawyer to be congressman, he said, adding that he can hire 10 lawyers to help him in the legislative aspect. He faulted Cong. Cesar Sarmiento for not using his clout in Congress to call a public hearing so FICELCO and the power suppliers can explain.


Gov. Cua suggested that the NPC submarine cable be undertaken together with PLDT’s reported plan to install an undersea fiber-optic cable between Codon and Camarines Sur, which is only 9 or 10 kilometers distant.

“I am not against SUWECO but the Amendment 2 in its contract with FICELCO prevents new suppliers from coming in,” he said.

He also disclosed that the proposed cinema at the Virac Town Center is already in the pipeline and would be built on the mall annex across the river, with the loan applied for by the management already approved.


On politics, the governor bared that their line-up for the 2019 midterm national and local elections is still incomplete and would most likely remain so due to the need to abide by the wishes of some mayors who are “continuaran.”

Their group is likewise not yet sure on the party under which they would run, with the decision to come before they file their Certificates of Candidady on his birthday on Oct. 16.

In the Philippines, he said, alliance with a national party is not important, as what is vital is the group’s alliances at the municipal level.

On the rumor that Atty. Leo Mendoza would run for congressman, Cua clarified that he has been advised to run for vice mayor of San Andres instead, so Mendoza can bid to replace Mayor Peter Cua when he finishes his third and last term.

In Virac, the group has yet to endorse anybody for mayor although Posoy Sarmiento has reportedly sought his backing. Mayor Sammy Laynes is neutral while Cito Alberto has yet to declare his bid for his old post.

Regarding PBM Vincent Villaluna’s plan to run for vice governor, Cua said what he knows is that Villaluna asked for a reserved slot in the PBM slate.


Vice Governor Shirley Abundo, who surprised most by agreeing to run for reelection with Cua and Sanchez, said she accepted their offer as they were the only ones to come to her house and sat down with her to bare their plans for the 2019 elections.

She still has a debt of gratitude to both Jun Verceles and former Vice Gov. Bong Teves, she said, adding that what has divided her colleagues in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan is the choice of the candidate for congressman.

What she hopes to preserve as her comfort zone is her political alliances at the local level, Abundo said.


BRICKS FOR A BBQ. A man goes into the hardware and asks for 15,000 bricks.

    “Can I ask what they are for?” asks the man behind the counter.

    “I’m building a barbecue.”

    “Wow, that’s a lot of bricks for one barbecue/”

    “Not really, I live on the 12th floor.”

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