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Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in a new version of "A Star Is Born." A big bold statement on art and life.

I am no fan of Lady Gaga and the hits she is associated with but I must admit I gave her a second look after watching a new version of “A Star Is Born.”

Ally, the character she portrays, feels pretty much like one of us. She got talent and big potentials but she doesn’t know it. Until someone named Jack (Bradley Cooper) showed her the way.

The concert scenes are education for one used to the formal demands of classical music. You see touching backstage scenes, you see a huge crowd with flailing hands and you hear piercing loud screams of adoration. After each song number, you realize the stuff of stardom is magical and quite addicting.

Jack (Cooper) has become a legend but he will not be drawn into giving a new version of himself just to please his manager. His art is anchored into himself. His art is so close to his own life. He will not have it the other way around.

Indeed, Jack (Cooper) has seen all the shades of stardom. When someone highly promising comes into his life, he is instantly attracted and you know why. She is raw, she is full of promise and she is herself.

They are instantly drawn into each other enough to plunge into marriage.

But the good thing about Lady Gaga’s portrayal is that there is no trace of the pop demigoddess in her characterization. The acting is natural and the singing simply sensational.

Bradley Cooper, who acted as Jack and who directed the movie, is another good asset of the film. There is absolutely no sign of brilliance in direction but that he is real and passionate is there for all moviegoers to feel and see.

There is an air of wisdom in his looks and he comes on strongly as a fading star who wanted a good exit through, well, nonstop drinking. Life treated him so well but he will not have what he considers the ‘nonsense’ of showbiz. He wants the essential things, not the fluffy side of showbiz.

When the rising star of Ally reached its peak and the fading star of Jack became imminent, you see the hollowness of stardom. The financial returns, for one, egged one to keep it up. No way to go but up, as the wags would say.

To sum it up, the portrayals of the lead stars move and the direction is the stuff of passion.

This is one hell of a movie that teaches you that art and life connect easily. You can succeed in one and fail in another.

Towards the end, a star is born and the star of another plummets.

It also teaches you that nothing good in this earth is permanent. And your audience will not be there to cheer you forever.

And only for these statements on art and life, I rate “A Star Is Born” as a rare gem.

A Star Is Born still showing in cinemas.

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