Cinemalaya sci-fi film to shoot in Cat’nes
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The directors of “Ani (The Harvest)” - Kim Zuniga and Sandro del Rosario - and their colleagues pose for photos with provin-cial tourism officer Carmel Bonifacio after discussing the shoot-ing of the indie sci-fi movie in Catanduanes next month.

Catanduanes has been selected as the setting of a Cinemalaya film to be shot for a week next month.

Cameras will roll sometime on Nov. 15-21, 2018 for “Ani,” a science fiction, fantasy and coming-of-age indie film produced by Wanderstruck Films and Syncrosynth Creative Studio.

The movie is set to premier in the 2019 Cinemalaya Main Competition during its festival from August 2 to 11, 2019.

Set in the year 2050 in the Federal State of Bicol, Philippines, the indie movie centers on the perceptions of an introverted 9-year old boy named Mithi, who moved to a remote farming community visibly ravaged by the impacts of climate change. When his mother died, he went to live with his estranged grandfather, Mauricio.

When the old man falls ill, his farm seems to fall ill with him. Crops are dying and a threat to land seizure from the government further complicates things. With the aid of a malfunctioning robot found in a junkyard, he starts a quest to find legendary magical grains that is said to grant wishes, saving his grandfather and the farm.

Ani’s directors, Kim Zuñiga and Sandro del Rosario, said that they intend to shoot the film in a visual manner that realistically portrays a world where the use of robotics technology is abreast with the ugly realities of famine and government manipulation.

Moreover, it is also an attempt to question the double-edged nature of development as it was set in a sci-fi depiction of a future Philippines at the crossroads of technological advancements and environmental decay.

Regarding its sci-fi genre, they expressed belief that it can be a great tool to reveal a society that is not always easily perceived.

Ani, together with nine full-length finalists, will compete for the coveted Balanghai trophies in the 2019 run of the Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival after its successful 14th edition.

The other 2019 Cinemalaya finalists are ISKA by Theodore Boborol; JOHN DENVER TRENDING by Arden Rod Condez; BELLE DOULEUR (A Beautiful Pain) by Joji V. Alonso; MALAMAYA by Danica Sta. Lucia and Leilani Chavez; ANNAK TI KARAYAN (CHILDREN OF THE RIVER) by Maricel Cariaga; WARD by Thop Nazareno; PANDANGGO by Sheryl Rose M. Andes; TABON by Xian Lim; and, FUCC BOIS by Eduardo Roy, Jr. (Governor’s Office- Information Unit)

The storyline of the full-length film follows an orphaned boy and his malfunctioning robot embarking on a quest to save his grandfather’s life.
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