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Snails produce a sticky discharge that forms a protective layer under them as they crawl. The discharge is so effective that a snail can crawl along the edge of a razor blade without cutting itself.

NASA estimates that the near-Earth asteroid, Eros, contains 20 billion tons of gold.

In ancient Egypt, the penalty for killing a cat, even by accident, was death.

According to the Mayan calendar, the next time the ‘world is going to end’ is on May 3, 7138.

The first video-cassette recorder was built in 1956. It was the size of an upright piano.

Seven US presidents were born in log cabins.

An American inventor applied for a patent for a wristband with an absorbent pad so that people with colds can wipe their noses on it. It has a cover that flips down for sanitary purposes.

Police cars in Dubai can go at 267 mph or 430 kph.

It is impossible to cry in space because of the lack of gravity.

Half the world’s cork comes from Portugal.

The average person has at least seven dreams a night.

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