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Why the people should pick the Sarmientos
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Last Tuesday morning, Atty. Jorge Sarmiento spoke before the local media on his and brother Cesar’s candidacies for the lone Congress seat and the capitol.

He said there is nothing wrong with siblings or parent-child partnerships running for top political posts.

“Let us disabuse our minds that brothers holding top posts will not be good for the province,” the veteran lawyer and top exec in past national administrations urged.

Sarmiento, who has held a post in every presidential administration since Cory Aquino in 1986, pointed out the advantage of a Team Sarmiento victory in 2019.

Unlike politicians who started out as close allies but later on clashed for one reason or another, the Sarmiento brothers will always be together, working as one for their common constituents in improving the level of governance on the island, he said.

“Judge us after three years if what we are saying is not realized,” Jorge vowed. “It is not a promise in a vacuum. Bahala na ang tawo maghusga.”

He appealed to the people to look at what he is offering, decades of experience as a top executive along with exposure to the judiciary as a former confidential lawyer to Justice Enrique Fernando as well as legislative director for then Senator Butz Aquino.

“What I am offering is my experience and a wide network of former associates and subordinates who are still in the Philippine bureaucracy,” Sarmiento bared.

While each of them can stand alone, he opined, marrying his multi-layered experience in the three branches of government with the accomplishment of Cong. Cesar in legislation and in bringing much-needed projects to Catanduanes will be good for the people.

He cited his good performance, credibility, luck and God’s blessings for his streak of being in every administration until his last stint as DICT undersecretary.

“Whatever I have learned and my camaraderie with the people in the bureaucracy, I can use for Catanduanes. I did not enter politics out of the blue. I have a pretty good chance of winning and now I have to work for it,” Jorge told the media at the ARDCI Music Lounge.

He said the infrastructure program began by his younger brother will be continued but the need for livelihood opportunities will be recognized. He added that this is part of the platform of the regional party that he heads, Kusog Bikolandia, which advocates health services, education, environment and enemy, livelihood, shelter, tourism and agriculture, among others.

    On the power issue, Atty. Sarmiento said the supply contracts will have to be looked into and cancelled if needed so new investors can be invited to provide the needed power.

    KB, he said is backing 58 local candidates across the Bicol region, including two congressmen (he’s one of them) as well as Atty. Fred Gianan for PBM and Toy Gianan for Virac councilor.

    The level of support for the KB bets has yet to be determined, he bared, but the candidates would have to be realistic as their chances depend on logistics.

     Regarding the political machinery in 2019, only one team will handle the twin  campaigns but he will be going out on his own.

    The lawyer, together with Fred Gianan Jr., has been going around barangays to meet the people.


ERRATUM: Through this column, the Information Unit of the Governor’s Office apologizes to Tribune readers and the awardees for the error in the article published in the Tribune issue dated October 12, 2018,  entitled “DepEd-Cat’nes honors 128 post-grad teachers.” The teachers actually received P1,000 each, instead of ₱2,000 as incorrectly indicated in the story.


VIRTUE REWARDED. A man is standing at the Pearly Gates before St. Peter.

“All you need to have done is one good deed, and we will allow you passage into heaven.”

The man says, “No problem. I was stopped at a crossroads once and saw a gang of blokes harassing a young woman. I got out of my car, walked up to the leader, who was over seven feet tall and must have weighed nearly 300 pounds, and I told him that abusing a woman is a cowardly act and that I would not tolerate it. I then reached up, yanked out his nose ring and kicked him in the balls to make a point.”

St. Peter is amazed and starts searching the man’s life in the book in front of him and says, “I can’t find that incident anywhere in your file. When did that happen?”

The man looks down at his watch and says, “Oh, about two minutes ago.”

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