CNHS tops 2018 Division Press Conference
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Campus journalists from the Catanduanes National High School stamped their class once again in the annual Division Secondary Press Conference held recently at the Juan M. Alberto Memorial Elementary School (JMAMES in Virac).

The delegation from the island’s biggest high school in terms of population scored enough wins in the individual and group contests to clinch the top spot overall. The Catanduanes State University Laboratory Schools was declared first runner-up, followed by Bato Rural Development High School (2nd runner-up), Caramoran RDHS (3rd runner-up), and Baras RDHS and Magnesia NHS which shared the same rank as 4th runner-up.

Here’s the winners of the 2018 DSSPC, with the top three individual winners and the first placer in the group contests earning the right to compete in the regional presscon this November:

News Writing (English): 1st – Quennie Vargas (Calatagan High School); 2nd – April Jane Vistal (Sicmil Integrated School); 3rd - Camille Cueva (San Jose NHS); 4th – Christine Joy Pia (Manambrag NHS); and, 5th – Irish Crystal Dio (Immaculate Conception Seminary Academy).

News Writing (Filipino): 1st – Allina Mae Pongan (Caramoran RDHS); 2nd – Wilson Cabrera (Pandan School of Arts and Trades); 3rd – Erica Mae Valenzuela (Agban NHS); 4th – Alexander Icaro (Cobo Integrated School); and, 5th – Hannah Margie Rodulfo (Bato RDHS).

Editorial Writing (English): 1st – Johanna Mae Dacuba (Agban NHS); 2nd – Jassen Diego (CSU-LS); 3rd – Danielle Phoebe Aquino (Cabcab NHS); 4th – Jenric Huiden (PSAT); and, 5th – Ma. Sheena Angelica Beato (Milaviga NHS).

Editorial Writing (Filipino): 1st – Mei Ann Dayta (Tubli NHS); 2nd – Reden Uchi (Catanduanes NHS); 3rd – Ma. Franceen Tubalinal (CSU-LS); 4th – Joyce Quintal (Calatagan HS); and, 5th – Kris Jane dela Vega (PSAT).

Feature Writing (English): 1st – Shiela Rose Bozar (Bote IS); 2nd – Hannah Camille Abundo (CSU-LS); 3rd – Leslie Joy Mulleda (Baras RDHS); 4th – Alliah Thamara Tendenilla (Viga RDHS); and, 5th – Regine Villamor (Bugao NHS).

Feature Writing (Filipino): 1st – Lyca Mae Tresvalles (San Miguel RDHS); 2nd – Shiela Lyn Taniegra (Baras RDHS); 3rd – Denivy Regine Tapel (CSU-LS); 4th – Carmela Ann Reveriza (Tubli NHS); and, 5th – Estefania Arcilla (San Andres Vocational School).

Sports Writing (English): 1st – Hazel Talan (Catanduanes NHS); 2nd – Macabio Aloyon Jr. (Bato RDHS); 3rd – John Dave Lanon (CSU-LS); 4th – Gwen Myer Tapia (Magnesia NHS); and, 5th – Kenneth Androy Gianan (SAVS).

Sports Writing (Filipino): 1st – Zandro Guerrero  (Baras RDHS); 2nd – Christine Patrice Lopez (Mabato HS-SMRDHS Annex) ; 3rd – Justine Jerome Tenoria (Bato RDHS); 4th – Judy Chelle Onan (Tubli NHS); and, 5th – Apollo Iliano Publico (CSU-LS).

Editorial Cartooning (English): 1st – John Louie Borja (Magnesia NHS); 2nd – John Andrei del Rosario (SAVS); 3rd – Marc Corvin Loria (Catanduanes NHS); 4th – Mark Reniel Amador (Antipolo NHS); and, 5th – Marc Gian Capordo (Gigmoto RDHS).

Editorial Cartooning (Filipino): 1st – Lube Hate (CSU-LS); 2nd – Karl Lester Escano (Gigmoto RDHS) ; 3rd – Franklin Tardecilla (Bato RDHS); 4th – Ronton Onan (Tubli NHS); and, 5th – Ma. Margaret Casimsiman (Panganiban NHS).

Photojournalism (English): 1st – Trina Elle Tasarra (Bato RDHS); 2nd – Mary Acel Tetranes (Calatagan HS); 3rd – Andreana Chavez (SAVS); 4th – Seimus Leandro Isorena (ICSA); and, 5th – Jonan Rey Arrisgado (Supang-Datag NHS).

Photojournalism (Filipino): 1st – Maria Jhasel Cadorna (Magnesia NHS); 2nd – Daphne Wayne Abe (Viga RDHS) ; 3rd – Kaye Toledana (Bato RDHS); 4th – Johanne Clemente (Antipolo NHS) and Ellamie Baron (LIV NHS; and, 5th – Christine Joy Lucero (Buyo IS) and Josue Martinez (Tubli NHS).

Science & Health Writing (English): 1st – Bianca Bohayo (Catanduanes NHS); 2nd – Rosette Mendoza (Bato RDHS); 3rd – Brigitte Marie Olino (Gigmoto RDHS); 4th – Jocerl Tria (Buyo IS); and, 5th – Angelo Clopino (Panganiban NHS).

Science & Health Writing (Filipino): 1st – Hathenah Ibarrientos (Bato RDHS); 2nd – Roanne de Quiroz (Caramoran RDHS) ; 3rd – Jamaine Ann Tating (CSU-LS); 4th – Warren Lagumero (Panganiban NHS); and, 5th – Neumann Manila (Catanduanes NHS).

Copyreading & Headline Writing (English): 1st – Joey Romero (Catanduanes NHS); 2nd – Julienne Andrea dela Cruz (Bato RDHS); 3rd – Christelle Gem Samas (CSU-LS); 4th – Maricar Ibayan (Mabato NHS-SMRDHS Annex); and, 5th – Danica Camille Vargas (Magnesia NHS).

Copyreading & Headline Writing (Filipino): 1st – Faith Angela Torrecampo (Tubli NHS); 2nd – Preciliza Joy Ortega (CSU-LS); 3rd – Valerie de Leon (Caramoran RDHS); 4th – Yezsa Traquena (Magnesia NHS); and, 5th – Roxanne Mae Bahague (Bato RDHS).

Collaborative Publishing (English): 1st – Catanduanes NHS; 2nd – Viga RDHS ; 3rd – Bato RDHS; 4th – ICSA; and, 5th – SAVS.

Collaborative Publishing (Filipino): 1st – Catanduanes NHS; 2nd – ICSA ; 3rd – Bato RDHS; 4th – Calatagan NHS; and, 5th, Viga RDHS.

Radio Broadcasting (English): 1st – SAVS; 2nd – Catanduanes NHS; 3rd – CSU-LS; 4th – Caramoran RDHS; and, 5th – San Miguel RDHS.

Radio Broadcasting (Filipino): 1st – SAVS; 2nd –CSU-LS; 3rd – Catanduanes NHS; 4th – PSAT; and, 5th, San Miguel RDHS.

Best Anchor (English): 1st - Julie Samudio (SAVS); 2nd – Jancis Rey Templonuevo (Catanduanes NHS); and 3rd - Justine Lance Silva (CSU-LS).

Best Reporter (English): 1st – Richard Abenir (SAVS); 2nd – Carl Salvante (Catanduanes NHS); and, 3rd – Shyanne Lyka Tubice (CSU-LS).

Best Script (English): 1st - SAVS; 2nd – Catanduanes NHS; 3rd – Caramoran RDHS; 4th – CSU-LS;  and 5th – San Miguel RDHS.

Best Infomercial (English): 1st – SAVS; 2nd – Caramoran RDHS; 3rd – San Miguel RDHS; 4th – Bato RDHS; and, 5th – CSU-LS.

Best Technical Application (English): 1st – SAVS; 2nd – San Miguel RDHS; 3rd – Bato RDHS; 4th – Caramoran RDHS; and, 5th – Tubli NHS.

Best Anchor (Filipino): 1st – Jeric Jay Obac (SAVS); 2nd – Cyr Ernest Tevar (CSU-LS); and 3rd – Marielle Valeza (CNHS).

Best Reporter (Filipino): 1st – Josephine Solero (SAVS); 2nd – Jaybee Jordan (CSU-LS); and, 3rd – Gwynn Torcelino (CNHS).

Best Script (Filipino): 1st - SAVS; 2nd – PSAT; 3rd – Caramoran RDHS; 4th – Tubli NHS; and 5th – Bato RDHS.

Best Infomercial (Filipino): 1st – SAVS; 2nd – San Miguel RDHS; 3rd – CSU-LS; 4th – Bato RDHS; and, 5th – CNHS.

Best Technical Application (Filipino): 1st – SAVS; 2nd – CSU-LS; 3rd – Tubli NHS; 4th – PSAT; and, 5th – CNHS.

Outstanding Campus Journalist: 1st – Zacharrina Vargas (CNHS); and, 2nd – Fred Benedict Gianan (CSU-LS).

Outstanding School Paper Adviser: Ruel Fernandez (CNHS).

Best in Press Uniform: Baras RDHS.

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