By By Arch. Jennylen R. Vargas
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Architecture. What comes first to your mind? To young minds, it’s just another type of word. To mid-thinkers, it means differently from one person to another, but for the knowledgeable ones, it means everything. Yes, architecture is everything. It means a lot, more than you can ever imagine, it’s more than just a building itself, it’s a process, it’s a discipline, it’s a way of doing meaningful things, name it.  But let’s get in to the interesting part of architecture, the profession, the so called Architects. Some might ask, who are they? What are Architects? Are they important in our society? Do they exist?

An architect is a person who plans, designs, and reviews the construction of buildings. To elaborate that, they provide quality services in connection with the building design and its relationship to the space within its surrounding so as to serve its principal purpose to the occupant. Architecture is a combination of art and science, and believe it or not, Real Architects are the only ones who can perform that. Architects were carefully shaped for years in their study and experiences in order to be a well Registered and Licensed Architect in a country. As you might not know, everything affects a building. As architects, they were trained to understand and analyze the architecture of things, all things that create impact to the design. Architecture is a mental discipline act at first, imagination has no limit, and architects can make it possible but cautiously studying it to be scientifically proven. Learning the techniques, creating bond with client and absorbing support from allied professionals, possibilities can happen in just one imagination. Cognitively processing to trust their intuitions, rest assured, a simple craft can provide a great effect to the society.

By understanding the importance of Architects in the big scheme of things, their ideas and ideals make difference. They see the big picture and they understand the patterns of everyday life. Architects’ intervention is not a threat, it’s a solution. Imagine a world full of “Pessimist Designers”, planning for the worst and being stuck in a problem. Being optimistic is an architect’s natural characteristic, being futuristic and being proactive. They are strategists too, designing is not just a plain thing, it’s full of obstacles and they create an effective system to that. Architects are practical thinkers and do more with less. Yes, they can create big things in just small amount of resources. They are real artists, they bring melody and poetry to the world by means of their creation. Professionalism is not just a monetary, effort and process itself, but it’s a passion, willingness and respect. Real Architects are well educated and they know their liability. They truly deserve a value and a place in this society. Having the right to be respected in their own field, they really matter and they are a constant reminder in achieving a livable place because Architects consistently provide people to what they need and to what is important to them.

Before anything else, this is not all about self-promoting, this is being truthful and letting everyone realize who we really are to why we matter like everyone else. No one has the right to take this profession from us. No one can claim and disrespect our importance in the society. This is not the limit of letting ourselves be known by everyone, it’s a continuous process and we won’t get tired of doing this because we want to help in making the world a better place.

Allow us to be part of your imagination, allow us to let you experience our services with quality, allow us to turn your dreams into reality. We give hope and we do listen. So for your plans and designs, and even before you think of and be fooled by someone else, get a Real Architect.

Arch. Vargas is currently the Secretary of the United Architects of the PHilippines-Catanduanes Chapter. For comments and suggestions contact

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