Outrageous blunders
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“A visitor at a Minneapolis, USA, art gallery sat in and broke a chair, which he did nor realize was part of an exhibit dating back to the Ming Dynasty. Value of the chair: $100,000.”               - “The Edge”, The Oregonian

“A Louisville, Kentucky, man who won $65 million in the state lottery recently filed suit against a woman seeking reimbursement after he met her in a bar and, ‘while in an intoxicated state,’ accidentally gave her $500,000.”      - Bloomington-Normal Daily Pantograph

A Pittsburgh furniture-store owner paid an arsonist $10,000 to burn down his business so that he could collect the insurance money. He then tried to deduct the payment, calling it a consulting fee. Both men reportedly ended up in jail.     - CNNMoney, efile.com

A New York lawyer tried to deduct his visits with prostitutes—$65,934—as medical expenses. It was denied.                                       - CNNMoney, efile.com

“In Mishawaka, Indiana, a couple, Marsha and Niles Huntsinger, threw their futon mattress out the window and it fell between two buildings. Niles lowered Marsha down on a  rope to try to get the futon, but she became wedged in the 16-inch gap between the walls. Marsha Huntsinger had to be rescued by a fire crew after she spent half an hour jammed 20 feet off the ground. The rescuers also managed to save the futon.”                                                  - Bizarre News

A woman disagreed with a store over an 80-cent refund and then sued for $5 million.     - Business Wire

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