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The police digs up cold election violence cases
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This writer was told of the 4-wheel drive vehicles’ expedition to Binurong Point a month before it happened.

I did not find anything reprehensible about allowing the vehicles to the tourist spot, as the 89,000-square meter property is owned by Col. Jose Sorreta, whose son Vicente was leading the expedition. It is entirely their prerogative, as the family had been allowing the Guinsaanan barangay council to charge fees for public access to the scenic point since 2016 without monetary compensation to the owner.

Thus, it came as a shock to read facebook posts heaving spit and vitriol on the Sorreta family, the expedition and its sponsor, Koni Philippines, for “destroying” the beauty of Binurong. The posts by what Teng Sorreta described as “irresponsible netizens” were made apparently without a clear understanding of the situation.

Surely, it didn’t help that the Koni 4WD expedition was undertaken “incognito” or without any public announcement at least in the island. A pr-expedition story could have dispelled public apprehension and explained to one and all the fact that the Sorretas own the whole place and indeed could do anything they want without irreparably damaging the existing environment.


One commenter on fb claimed that Koni “just mutilated the path” to Binurong, when in truth and in fact, the private road was apart from and in a different location from the hiking path.

This was pointed out by the Catanduanes Enduro Club led by businessman Erwin Teope, whose riders actually went to the site to check the veracity of the claim. As the group found out, nobody else apart from the Sorretas is allowed to pass through the private road.

And for this voluntary fact-checking, the club received some brickbats from the same netizens who wrongly thought the riders would do the Koni thing and bring their motorcycles right up to the point.


The Catanduanes Police Provincial Office recently directed the Virac and Viga municipal police stations to conduct an in-depth investigation of two incidents that occurred during the 2013 local elections.

The five-year old unsolved cases which OIC-provincial director Senior Superintendent Jonathan Panganiban wants looked into for the possible identification of suspects and the filing of criminal cases are the shooting incident involving the vehicle of then reelectionist Mayor Abelardo Abundo in Soboc, Viga on May 6, 2013 and the alleged mauling of Cely Wong’s jingle songwriter and rapper Jefferson Vargas in Palnab, Virac on May 8 of the same year.

The Viga mayor’s car was fired at by unidentified persons as they were on their way home after meeting with supporters in Tinago. The passengers thought the vehicle was hit by a stone until the driver found slug on his seat, after it went through the windshield and dashboard.

While the police suspected the New People’s Army, the Abundo campaign surmised it was probably done by overzealous supporters of his opponent.

On the other hand, Wong’s jingle composer claimed that was followed by unidentified men on board motorcycles until he was cornered at the Gogon triangle where he was mauled. He alleged that the men forced him into a car, took him to a farm owned by then Gov. Joseph Cua, and released only after making a promise to vote for him.

Why the PD wants these cold cases dug up for the possibility that the new investigators (the previous ones might have retired or transferred already) could somehow pinpoint those responsible is intriguing, considering the fact that most of the political characters in the 2013 polls are still very much in the fight for the 2019 elections.


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