By By Rev. Fr. Rommel M. Arcilla
The End of Days
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Some years ago, some crazy individuals spread the fake news about the end of the world, and many people believed them. They would go to churches and confess their sins in preparation to face the end of days. It created a widespread chaos. Many people live in fear of the end of the world, the end of time. We are afraid because there is the possibility that we might not be chosen or be counted among the elect. However, to be counted or not, depends on us. God will surely choose us to be counted among the blessed ones in heaven. Now, are we willing to choose God? Choosing Him is the only way for us to gain the Kingdom of God.


Looking at it from the point of view of the Scripture, the possibility of hell, of being punished, is always there.  But we must look at it from a wider point of view even in the Scriptures because the Scripture talks more about the love of God than this idea of punishment. It talks about the desire of God to bring us all back to Him in His kingdom and His ultimate desire to save us all. We have the capacity to reject God and to reject the ways of God, but we must be more aware of God’s love for us and we are obligated to positively respond to this love.  He is inviting us all to enter a love relationship with Him, a covenant of love with our God.


The Gospel is clear that no one knows the day or the hour of the Lord’s second coming to judge us except the Father.  Therefore, we must not be afraid if ever we hear repeatedly about these crazy predictions mostly coming from individuals who may not experienced the love of God in their lives. We must always cling to the truth that God truly loves us, and He created the whole universe because of love, that He might love us, we must love Him in return and love one another as our obedience to the greatest commandment to love one another as He has loved us.


I could still recall how people would come to me and ask me what needs to be done as their preparation for the second coming of Christ Jesus. I just told them that there is nothing to be afraid of for as long as you have done your part in living out the tenets of your faith as inspired by the Gospel message of God’s love for all.


We are all being challenged by the Gospel of St. Mark, not to know the exact day our hour of the second coming of God in judgement, but on how to live our lives always prepared for that final hour. There will be no regrets and there will be no fear if we will think of every day as our last day here on earth. For sure, our sane minds would always tell us to behave according to the commandments of God and walk on the way of Christ because, doing so, is our only assurance that we will not be rejected and be punished in that state of eternal regret of failing to love.


Personally, this end of days will never come. God created us out of love and because of that same love, He will never destroy and annihilate His creation because it will be contrary to the love that He wants us to share with Him and with our brothers and sisters. The mission of Christ was to bring us all back to the Father and just a drop of Christ’s blood on the cross is more than enough to wipe our sins away and, likewise, it is more than enough to gain for us our salvation from the fiery furnace of Satan’s inferno.


If this world will really have to have an end, I am very sure that it will not come from a God of love. If this world will have an end, I am sure that it will come from us, human beings, because of our failure to perfect what God has given us in the name of love. Failure to love others is the end of our world because we will be out there to destroy one another. Our failure to hope in God and trust our own ways is the end of our world because it would be a world which has lost the sense of God. Losing our faith in Him is the end of our world because we will begin to act like we are gods and treat other people like we own them and we can do to them all kinds of abuses and even take their lives because we will think that we are gods.


I hope we will all do our part to protect and preserve the world which God has entrusted to us. We can only do that if we will be humble enough to accept Him as our Lord and we are His creations created for one single purpose, and that is, to love Him and serve Him by serving others and the whole of creation.

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