One Good Turn Brings Rewards
posted 27-Nov-2018  ·  
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On Martha's Vineyard we pick up the newspapers from the Patriot Boat at 4:30am every morning. The dock at the tip of the Oak Bluffs Harbor can be brutally cold in the wee hours.

A couple weeks ago a stranger was standing in the freezing wind waiting for the boat to Falmouth, so I naturally invited him to wait in my warm car.

Fast forward to one afternoon this week. I was driving down to Eastville Beach and looking for a good picture. Suddenly the front of my van sunk into the soft sand.

I was STUCK, axle-deep, on a downhill slope, impossible to get out.

Since I forgot to bring my phone I had no choice but to start walking.

I saw trucks parked at the Lagoon boat landing and walked up to one of the guys to ask for help. It was the very stranger who sat in my warm car a couple weeks ago!

It took him 30 seconds to pull me out with his big four-wheel drive.

Moral to the story: 'Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares'."

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