By By Rev. Fr. Rommel M. Arcilla
The King with a Thorny Crown
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We have seen movies about kings and queens and we have read books about royalties. We were so amazed by the great power that these people enjoyed and most of us may have dreamt of becoming a king or a queen someday. Their status, as we know it, are always coupled with power, with greatness, with respect and a lot of wealth under their feet. In addition to all these, they possess vast lands for their kingdom and a lot of people as their subjects.

A king is always seen with a royal crown on his head. Usually this crown is made of gold and fine rare pearls of high value. The crown is a symbol of royalty and power. But I think it also symbolize the kind of kingship that the king wants to show to his people. I mean, a king who is obsessed with riches may show his preference on the kind of crown that he wears on his head. A king who is centered on his security and safety may wear a bullet-proof headgear instead of a crown.

Kings, of course, cannot be a king if they don’t possess in them large amount of power. It is their power which compels their subjects to obey without complaints or anything at all. It is their power which demands respect for them even from other peoples and nations. It is their power which propagates them on their thrones. A powerless king is no king at all and he will be mocked by people far and wide.

Jesus Christ is king, not only of a territory, but He is king of the universe. All other kings of this earth are subject to Him. This is the reason why, during His time here on earth, kings like Herod, would want Him dead right after He was born.

He is king, but His kingdom is not of this world. He is king, but the power of His kingship resides not on how the world understands power but on the power of love. He is king, but His crown is the crown of thorns symbolizing the sins of all humanity. That crown of thorns on His head was His priority, and for that, He gave up his life on the cross. He died for our sins so that He may be able to save us all. His kingship is always anchored on the salvation of everyone and freedom from sinfulness.

The kings in our world would always demand that their needs are met. They would demand respect and that they would always be given their due. However, Jesus as our King, is not a demanding king but one who is ready to give and He has given His very life on the cross all for our sake.

Now, for our part, are we really accepting our Lord Jesus as our King? Maybe we are accepting Him as king but only through the words of our mouth. What we ordinarily do in our lives and with our lives doesn’t really show our acceptance of Him as king of our lives. To make Him as the real king of our lives would always demand obedience from us. We must always obey the words and the will of our King. Obedience to the commandment to love is s must in the kingdom of Jesus, the King of the Universe!

Our obedience to Christ needs not to be complicated. We don’t need to memorize all the book of Canon Law and follow it to the letter. We don’t need to religiously follow everything that our church leaders would tell us to follow. We don’t even need to know all the laws, the rules and regulations pertaining to our religious belief in order to obey Him as king. What we only need to follow is the one and only commandment to love… but to love others in the very same measure that Christ has loved us all.

Is it not easy to fall in love? Dealing with others under the banner of love is not hard and it’s not even a task or a job for us to fulfill. It won’t be so hard because everything that we will do will now become a labor of love and we can do things so easily if we will do them because of love. This is the power of God, the power of God’s love for all of us.

Love liberates us from our sinfulness and to obey this commandment of love would mean that we are taking off slowly the crown of thorns from the wounded head of our Lord. If that crown of thorns symbolizes our sins, then, obedience to the commandment to love is the only way for us to avoid sin and it is our taking off that thorny crown from our King.

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