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Shabu lab witness speaks up
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This writer chanced upon shabu lab case star witness Ernesto “Intoy” Tabor Jr. last week, shortly after someone disclosed that the Department of Justice (DOJ) reversed its finding that left several people off the list of respondents in the shabu laboratory case now pending before the Makati City Regional Trial Court Branch 62.

Tabor, who has noticeably gained a few pounds since he surfaced in July last year, said that he is not worried that he could be charged in court for his role in the operation of the shabu laboratory.

“I am telling the truth, so they are afraid of me,” he remarked, wishing he would be allowed to testify first when the trial begins.

Tabor also declared that he is not afraid that an attempt on his life could be made on his way to court, as this is part of the risk of testifying in such a controversial case.

The sole witness of the Virac police in their complaint against the respondents also disclosed more details of the shabu lab operation.

The blue PVC containers of chemicals used in making the illegal drug were transported in batches of 50 from Metro Manila inside ten-wheeler cargo trucks, with the sides packed with other goods to conceal the containers marked “Formalin.”

The containers were then unloaded at Camarines Sur and placed aboard the 30-foot speed boat owned by Mayor Cordial, with each trip to the island taking 15 containers across Maqueda channel to Antipolo or Palnab del Sur in Virac. Two empty containers are still at the Isidoro vacation house near where the landings took place, he claimed.

Upon arrival on the island after midnight, the containers were then loaded on board a closed van, or a Toyota Grandia with its passenger seats removed, for the trip to the warehouse in Palta Small, where the gate was opened by farm caretaker Lorenzo Piñera and one of the respondents.

Each set of five drums of different chemical ingredients used by the Chinese chemists produced at least 500 kilos of shabu, sometimes as much as 600 kilos, he added.

During the campaign for the 2016 elections, Tabor disclosed, the group gave contributions to several incumbent local officials but he refused to identify them.

Evidence of the involvement of some of the respondents, including political figures, can be found in the call logs and text messages contained in the cellphone recovered by the police from businessman Larry Que shortly after he was shot dead by an unknown assailant on Dec. 19, 2016, Tabor alleged.

The cellphone, as well as the transcript of the text messages and call history, is now with the DOJ, he claimed.

However, a reliable source who was able to read the transcript of the text messages after the cellphone underwent forensic examination said there was scant mention of political personalities.


This surprise development, which came several months after President Rodrigo Duterte ordered a review of the illegal drug cases dismissed by the DOJ and the courts, will somehow have an impact on the upcoming 2019 local elections.

The Wong brothers’ misfortune will be unavoidably mentioned in the same breath as that of the bid of their mother Araceli to become the first lady congress representative of Catanduanes.

The fact that the violation of Republic Act 9165 being ascribed to them is non-bailable means it would be agonizing for the family to consider both JB and Tiptip being detained at the crowded Makati City jail for the duration of the trial.

A more disheartening effect will be on the wife of former NBI senior agent Augusto Eric Isidoro, Angelica, who has been caring for their son since he was arrested and detained. Now that she, too, will have to join him behind bars, her relatives worry about what will happen to their nephew.


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