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Contrary to popular belief, fingernails and hair don’t grow at all after death. When a person dies, the body dehydrates and the skin tightens, creating an illusion of hair and nail growth.

The chicken is the most common bird in the world, with about 52 billion of them of which 75 percent will end up as food.

There were no chickens in America before 1500, as the bird was introduced by the Spanish who brought them on galleons.

All the chickens in the world are descended from a type of pheasant  native to Thailand.

The first invention to break the sound barrier of 742 miles per hour is the whip, which “cracks” when one flicks it.

Human sperm seem to have “noses” as a test on hundreds of synthetic compounds mimicking floral scents showed that the scent of lily of the valley doubled the sperm’s speed and directed them towards the “target.”

There are an estimated 3,510 varieties of chili, with the hottest of them from Dorset, England. The “naga” grown on a plant from Bangladesh was tested at 923,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU), which means it has to be diluted 923,000-fold before it loses its heat. In contrast, jalapeno pepper is only at 4,500 SHU. The hottest part of the chili is not the seeds but the central membrane to which the seeds are attached. 

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