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Measured from the seabed to its summit, the tallest mountain in the world is Mauna Kea in Hawaii at 33,465 feet high.

Measured from the sea level to the top, Mount Everest is at 29,029 feet the highest mountain in the world.

The driest place in the world is Antarctica where it has not rained for 2 million years in some parts of the continent. In contrast, the driest desert is Atacama in Chile where no rain has fallen for 400 years.

The largest living thing is a mushroom that grows at the Malheur National Forest in Oregon, USA. It covers 890n hectares and is between 2,000 and 8,000 years old.

A chicken can live for two years without a head. In 1945, a chicken had his head chopped off by an axe but the blade missed the jugular vein and left enough of the brain stem in the neck, allowingMike the Headless Wonder Chicken to tour the United States until he choked to death.

The most dangerous animal that has ever lived is the female mosquitoes, responsible for as many as 45 million human deaths due to the fatal diseases it carries such as malaria, dengue fever, filariasis and encephalitis. Of the 2,500 known mosquito species, about 40 can transmit the malaria virus.

Chameleons don’t change colors to match the background. They do so as a result of its emotional state.


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