Cong. CS urges DOJ, PNP to review shabu lab reso
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Through House Resolution No. 2352 which he filed Dec. 6, 2018, Congressman Cesar Sarmiento has strongly urged the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) to review the recent DOJ resolution on the mega shabu laboratory in Catanduanes.

Such review, he said, should take into consideration that the sole testimony of Ernesto Tabor Jr. is “unreliable, uncorroborated and filled with inconsistencies and conflicting claim” and that there is a need for additional evidence which can be obtained through further follow-up investigation.

It may be recalled that on November 28, 2016, two days after the shabu lab’s discovery, the congressman filed House Resolution No. 585 urging transport agencies to intensify and coordinate their efforts to suppress the trafficking of illegal drugs, anticipating the possibility that island provinces across the country are being used to serve as locations for such labs or as “jump-off” points.

Over the course of the hearings conducted by the Committee on Dangerous Drugs, Rep. Sarmiento said, various lapses were seen based on the government response to the controversy, one of which is the improper and slow prosecution of the case.

He underscored that the Second Amended Complaint filed on July 5, 2017 was found to be hastily-filed without proper study by the then new Virac police chief and, worse, it was solely based on the uncorroborated testimony of a masked man, Tabor, then under police protection.

“Mr. Ernesto Tabor Jr., who implicated a lot of personalities in his statements, was further found to be a lying witness or one without credibility, having given inconsistent testimonies during the hearing of the Committee on Dangerous Drugs dated September 21, 2017 on material points under oath,” the resolution stated.

Referring to the latest DOJ resolution that included Tabor among the respondents and implicated some personalities who were earlier cleared, the Catanduanes solon stressed that it affects the administration of truth and justice in that, while it dismisses a portion of Tabor’s testimony on one hand, it believes his testimony on the other, especially as regards the involvement of some personalities who are dragged into the controversy based solely on his inconsistent testimony.

“While the case is improperly handles this way, many, if not all, of the real perpetrators, including the Chinese individuals mentioned in the police investigation, remain at large but the names and reputations of the personalities unduly implicated in the complaint, continue to be tarnished or stained,” Cong. Sarmiento said.

“There is a need for proper handling and prosecution of a case, in order to dispense speedy and impartial justice, and in order to avoid wastage of government time and resources,” he concluded.

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