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The opening paragraph of St. Luke’s Gospel on the Gaudete Sunday (3rd Sunday of Advent) is a question to John the Baptist; “What should we do?” Tax collectors, soldiers and people from all walks of life came to him to be baptized and asking the same question. To ask this question means submission to an authority. It means letting yourself be commanded by someone and being open and ready to do what he will say in answer to the question.

This question is very timely for us because a lot of people today maybe asking the same question and they have no one to turn to for their questions. To whom should we ask this question? Can we ask this question to our government leaders? Can we throw this question to those in power? Can we ask the same from the church leaders? Or maybe it will be best to ask this question to ourselves and hope with faith that God will give us the answer after a prayerful discernment?

Most of us are afraid to ask questions especially if we already have in mind some possible answers to our questions. What should we do? Can it be answered by killing our bishops and declare that 90% of the priests are homosexuals? Can it be answered by killing those drug personalities even without fair trial which is a basic right of every human being? What should we do to ease the burden of the poor and the helpless in our society? Can it be answered by changing the laws and the constitution of the land which is aimed at favoring only the bested interests of those in power?

Just for transparency, if we will ask what we should do from our church leaders, I am aware of the issues against churchmen and the Pope is not closing an eye on this. I just hope we are also aware of his decisions regarding erring church personalities including those scandals and some issues on money and wealth among the clergy. We are not denying these human errors and misgivings, but I am very sure that the church is doing her job to solve these problems.

What should we do?  A very timely question for a generation in distress and for a people who are shouting for a positive change in our society. We can give a lot and different answers to this question, but those answers would always depend on our priorities in life. In answering this question, we would be putting ourselves subject to criticisms for our answers would determine the kind of person that we are and the values which we hold dear to us.

We may have different answers because of the fact the we have different personalities and we have different situations in life. But our Christian faith must unite us to have a common answer to this question. To answer this question in the light of our faith would mean doing those things which Jesus Christ had shown us through his example. We must do just like what Christ had done and I still believe that this is the best way for us to effect the change that we had been looking for. After all, I do believe that this will be very effective, and we have never tried this before, so why not give it a chance to prove itself? What we must do is to be humble enough to surrender our life to Him by doing His will. What we must do is to be generous and to be charitable to those people around us who need to be cared for and be loved.

If we had only been faithful to our Christian ideals and tried our best to live our faith, maybe we do not have to ask this question, and we don’t even need to be asked to do this and do that. Everything would flow spontaneously just like when Christ surrendered himself to the Father’s will just to save us all.

This Advent season is a time for us to prepare ourselves to receive Christ worthily in our lives and make His presence in us bear fruit. This preparation must lead us to the realization to do things spontaneously for our brothers and sisters. We know that there is a lot of things to be done and we also know that there is something that we can do to help. We know what needs to be done and let’s make a change in our society and let us begin with ourselves. Hopefully, there will come a time in our lives when we don’t have to ask the same question again because, by then, we had become doers of what is good.

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