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The Visitation story in the Gospel of St. Luke tells us of the joy and gladness that St. Elizabeth experienced when the virgin mother of our Savior visited her. Even the infant in her womb leaped for joy because of Mary’s visit. Mary went to the place of Elizabeth to help her, as she was nearing the time for her to deliver her child. In the ordinary circumstance, and even from this plain point of view, Mary was bringing along with her in this visit a source of joy because she was bringing service to her cousin.

We are so fond of vacations and visits to our relatives and friends especially if we have enough time for rest and recreation. It has been apart of our culture to see to it that we spend time with people who are important to us, at least, once a year. We may have a lot of different purposes for our visits other than plain visiting people. Sometimes we go places and meet people for relaxation and for bonding. Sometimes we try to meet people because we need help and someone whom we can talk to and unload our burdens. Sometimes we transfer from house to house not for the sake of visiting people but to spread rumors and gossips about other people.

We can have a good or bad intention for our visits and there are instances when we fail to bring joy and gladness to people whom we visit. Instead of bringing joy to them, there are visits which can leave them with a heavy heart and put them in a real bad mood.

If we have no intention to bring goodness and joy to people we intend to visit, then, we might as well just stay inside the house and never leave. We can always be content with the thought that our friends and relatives are just fine even if we’re miles away apart. And so, if we are not sure of bringing joy and gladness to them, there is no reason for us to disturb them and ruin their day as well as their lives.

On the part of the receiver, visitors can be so acceptable while others are simply pitiable not to be accepted. Given a choice, sometimes we would not rather see this person because it always turns out that we end up disgraced and maybe so angry. The usual flow of our life is disrupted in a very negative way, so how can we welcome such a visitor?

When Mary visited Elizabeth, even the infant in her womb leaped for joy. It was not only because of the service that Mary would render but because of the Christ in her womb. She brought Jesus to the home of Zechariah and Elizabeth and this presence of the Christ, the fountain of grace, brought joy to their hearts.

The challenge for us is to be able to bring the person of Christ to people whom we want to visit. The purpose of our visit must always be centered on giving this kind of joy which can really turn every sadness and despair to pure joy realizing that Christ is present because we succeeded in bringing Him to our relatives and friends and to other people.

We can bring Christ to others in the best possible way by imitating Him and making Him present in us through our deeds. To bring Christ to others is to be able to love them with the same measure as Christ has loved us all, that is, to love others selflessly. It is best shown by forgiving other people who may have wronged us. It is shown by our generosity especially to those who are helpless and have nothing in life. We can joy, peace and gladness to other if we can imitate Christ more closely because, by then, we can become real images of Christ in the whole world.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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