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SGLG for barangays would benefit the people
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Three children swimming at Bato river last Dec. 19, 2018 at 4 P.M. saw a grisly sight they would not likely forget for several Christmases: somebody apparently dead and lying beside the river bank of Guinobatan.

According to Bato police, Alexa Tadoy, Lean Ann Torzar and Hanna Taopo immediately reported the matter to barangay officials, who informed the police.

SPO2 Joven Basilio soon learned from the family of the victim, 78-year old Juan Soriao of barangay Oguis, he was last seen at the river and is believed to have drowned and carried downstream to Guinobatan.

A relative said Soriao had been suffering from high blood pressure and dizziness, with the family telling the police that no autopsy would be needed for his accidental death.


The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) has launched the Seal of Good Local Governance for Barangay (SGLGB) to assess and recognize outstanding barangays in the country.

According to Sec. Eduardo Año, the assessment will commence with the data gathering where each barangay will provide the data to the City/Municipal Assessment Team followed by the data validation and certification.

The SGLGB online database shall then be utilized to process the data wherein the Provincial and Regional Offices shall ensure the correctness of the submitted data to be forwarded to the National Quality Committee (NQC).

Out of the recommendation of the NQC, the official list of SGLGB 2018 winners shall then be chosen in time for the announcement of passers in the last quarter of 2019.

The SGLGB will utilize the "3+1" principle wherein barangays must pass all three core areas, namely, Peace and Order, Financial Administration, and Disaster Preparedness; and, at least one of the three essential areas, namely, Social Protection, Business-Friendliness, and Competitiveness or Environmental Management.

Among the various aspects of governance that the villages will be rated include activities and support mechanisms for peace and order, as well as functionality of the anti-drug abuse council and peace and order committee. Lupong Tagapamayapa performance, and maintenance of Registry of Barangay Inhabitants; adherence to accounting and auditing standards and compliance with the Barangay Full Disclosure Policy plus a percentage increase in local resources; and, proactive stance before, during and after disaster together with a functional BDRRMC, risk assessment and Early Warning System, preparedness for effective response and recovery, and accomplishment rate of BDRRM projects;

At least one of the essential areas must be passed: Social Protection (sensitivity to the needs of the disadvantaged sector, functional Violence Against Women (VAW) Desk and Barangay Development Council, access to health services in the barangay, and representation of CSOs; Business Friendliness and Competitiveness (encouragement of business and employment, enactment of Barangay Tax Ordinance and issuance of barangay Clearance within seven working days); and, Environmental Management (compliance with the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000, presence of Materials Recovery Facility and collection system to ensure Segregation of Wastes at Source, and functional of the Barangay ESWM Committee.

It will be a tall order for majority of the barangays, as many in the countryside do not have the resources to implement such activities compared to their rich counterparts in Metro Manila. Still, it would be good for their constituents to know how their barangays will fare in the assessment.


Many thanks to those who sent gifts and Christmas greetings last week, including Atty. Santiago Gabionza Jr., Atty. Dexter Francisco, Atty. Jorge Sarmiento, Mayor Leo Rodriguez, Atty. Leo Mendoza, ACS Construction and Supply, Sixto “Big Time” Landig, Chairman Gabriel Tejerero, Aly Tatel, DE Gil Balmadrid, and a host of others. Merry Christmas to all!! May you enjoy the spirit of the  Yuletide season...


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