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We have so many programs in the government which “they” say are for the good of the people. We have the so-called Family Planning Program. Then we have the 4Ps – Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program. These two programs contradict each other. Why? The Family Planning Program limits the number of children a couple should have. Now, look at the 4Ps: the more children a couple have, the bigger the amount they receive through the 4Ps.

The selection of the recipients of the 4Ps has to be corrected. There are those who really need help, but there are those who have a decent living but are included in the said program and there are those who need help, but are not included.

Politics, padrino system and other erroneous systems should not prevail. And if possible, how about replacing said program with a productive one? At least the recipients should work. So they will realize the value of work and the amount used for the unproductive program could be spent for useful projects.

These recipients of the prevailing programs are happy because they receive money without getting tired. And some, according to information, use this money for games of chance, others for their livelihood and the rest for paying their debts.

If these practices should not be corrected, what kind of government shall we have? And what kind of race shall we raise?

The observant public and the concerned citizen are waiting for a good change, for there is nothing new and good in this wonderful world, but CHANGE.

San Andres, Catanduanes

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