Gov. Cua’s camp shrugs off CS’ “tied” survey results
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The camp of Governor Joseph Cua last week largely ignored the results of a survey published in a website of Congressman Cesar Sarmiento’s group showing the two rivals in a statistical tie five months before the May 2019 local elections.

“We do not subscribe to the results of the survey conducted by Pulse Asia,” a statement from the capitol said. “Cua’s camp has commissioned a local survey with larger (size of) respondents and the results are extremely different from that of Pulse Asia’s.”

Political observers say the release of the Pulse Asia survey results might be intended to create a bandwagon effect among the general public to buttress the dwindling popularity of Cong. Sarmiento amidst the pork barrel issue.

Posted in the facebook page of Catanduanes Serbihan last week was an alleged screenshot of the results of pre-election preference survey of likely voters’ choice for governor that was conducted December 5-9, 2018.

The respondents were asked the following question: “If the elections of May 2019 were to be held today and the following persons were candidates for CATANDUANES GOVERNOR, who among them would you vote for?”

They were asked to choose only one name from among Cua, Sarmiento, Fernando Chavez, Marlon Suplig and Rene Vega.

The results allegedly showed 48 percent of the respondents chose the congressman while 43% preferred the governor, with the post indicating the two leaders  “statistically tied” although it did not show the margin of error or the number of respondents.

It also claimed Sarmiento was preferred by respondents belonging to Class C (61% to 21%) and E (53% to 38%) while Cua held a slim lead among Class D respondents (47% to 45%).

The part of the survey asking likely voters for their choice of Catanduanes representative among former Gov. Araceli Wong, Atty. Jorge Sarmiento, Engr. Hector Sanchez and former Cong. Joseph Santiago was not shown in the same post, with the results portion cut off.

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